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"Get it on the road and get it going."

Interview: Band of the Week – 3 Pill Morning

This week's Band of the Week, 3 Pill Morning, has a distinct sound blending hard rock, hip-hop, and punk. With a band anthem of "Get it on the road and get it going," they've built both their business and their fan base from the ground up.

Jeff Stebbins (vocals), Adam Seiberlich (vocals/guitar), Ryan Walch (guitar), Ian Combs (bass), and Dave Ackley (drums) hail from Minneapolis, Minnesota, where they first played together in 2002. In the spring of 2003 they released their first EP, The Product. When radio began to take notice, they began to tour, and followed that initial release with Clarity in 2005, and Life Dynamic in May of 2006.

Recently, Jeff Stebbins agreed to speak with me over instant messenger about what direction the band is heading, their approach to songwriting, and the internet as a promotional tool.

Hello, Jeff, how are you doing?

Good. We had a show last night just got back into town.

I didn't see any dates on your website when I looked earlier. Are you just finishing up a run of dates?

We've been playing sporadic shows while we're working on writing a lot of new music.

Life Dynamic is your third EP since forming the band.

Are you looking to do a full length album soon?

We're in the process of working on a full length record right now.

By working on, do you mean writing, recording, or both?

Right now we are writing a bunch of songs. We're hoping to record early 2007.

I found the songwriting on Life Dynamic to be particularly strong and the songs have a very unique feel to them. Are you the songwriter of the group?

The writing process is very collaborative in 3 Pill. Everyone has a different spin on each song and we try to put all those ideas together to create our sound.

Collaborative in all senses? Or does one member bring a skeleton of an idea to the table and you go from there?

Each song starts in a different place. One might start with a riff and another might start with a beat. Some may come with a lyrical concept or melody. I guess it all depends on the day.

To those who have yet to hear your music, how would you describe your sound?

I guess I'd call it melodic hard-rock or melodic hard-groove.

That sounds about right to me. You definitely have to include melodic in there, especially with Life Dynamic.

We like to have a dual lead vocalist to keep the music dynamic.

As an independent artist, does it seem like it's hard to get your music heard?

It's gotten a lot easier with the internet and with sites like Myspace and Pure Volume, etc. But it seems we can never have enough people checking out our music.

How large of a role do those networking sites and the ones dedicated to independent music play? Is your current plan to continue as an independent artist, or are you actively searching for a record label?

We're hoping to be so strong as an independent band and an independent business that we don't necessarily have to search for labels. Then who knows. There are a lot of advantages to having control of your own project on all levels.

What would you say some of the biggest advantages are for 3 Pill Morning?

We are getting a chance to build something from the ground up. With our work and dedication to our music, we know at the end of the night the level we can take it to depends on us.

What are your plans for the future?

To continue writing and evolving as a band, get in the van, hit the road, and play show after show. Hopefully, we make enough noise to keep the support growing for our music.

News and tour information for 3 Pill Morning can be found at the band's website. Four streaming MP3s and a video are available at their Myspace Profile page. Later this week, look for a review of their latest EP, Life Dynamic.

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