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Inheritance Cycle

The Inheritance Cycle is the name of Christopher Paolini's bestselling four book fantasy series for young adults. Eragon, Eldest, and Brisingr are the titles of the three books all ready published while no release date or title have been announced for the final volume in the series.

The series follows the adventures of Eragon, a young farm boy who finds a mysterious blue stone that turns out to be a dragon egg. When the egg hatches, Eragon is initiated into the world of Dragon Riders and he and his dragon Saphira begin their quest to rid the formerly peaceful kingdom of Alagaesia from the evil king, and former Dragon Rider Galbatorix. Originally Paolini had planned Inheritance Cycle as a trilogy, but decided upon beginning book three that there was too much information left to cover in one book and expanded the series by one. As a result forums and sites discussing the fate of the various characters and how the series will resolve are active all over the net.

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