Monday , October 25 2021

In the Democratic Desert

Another incisive commentary from Dave Pell, this one on the grim state of Democratic thinking, and he’s a Democrat:

    The tsunami from the right has been so complete in recent years that it almost seems as if they are operating in a vacuum. Politically, the Republicans have control of the House the Senate and the White House. On the tube, Fox News continues to dominate while those hoping to make up ground believe the only way to do so is to take a right at every turn (see MSNBC for details). Radio? Forget it about. The Dixie Chicks do not a political movement
    make. Even in old strongholds like Hollywood, the left is either silent or overwhelmed. Seen Dennis Miller’s routine lately? The guy actually worked a pro school-vouchers bit into his latest HBO special. Imagine a comedy routine
    in which Lenny Bruce spoke at length (and humorlessly) about the need for young Americans to watch their language. Folks, Madonna just pulled a music video out of a concern that it would make her seem too controversial.

    There is such an absence of sound leadership (and here by sound I’m referring to public comments that do not include the phrase Free Mumia) from Democrats that Bill O’Reilly and his fellow media schoolyard bullies have managed to fill
    the vacuum with their own selections. I’m all for political activism, but Janeane Garofalo and Susan Sarandon are not going to shift American voting patterns (or Republican dietary habits).

    So what gives? Part of the problem is the Clinton hangover that the Democrats can’t seem to shake….

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