Friday , April 19 2024
A brave woman - an Afghan poet - is cut down in her prime.

In memoriam: Nadia Anjuman

A brave woman is cut down in her prime. From the BBC:

A well-known Afghan poet and journalist has died from her injuries after being beaten, police say.
Officers found the body of Nadia Anjuman, 25, at her home in the western city of Herat.
A senior police officer said her husband had confessed to hitting her during a row.

But it is said that “the family”, which I suspect means “her husband’s family”, refused to allow a post-mortem, which makes it highly likely that he will not pay any price for his action.

I couldn’t find any English-language information about her on the web. If you’re a reader who knows of sites in other languages, could you leave a comment with the link? It would be a small memorial.

Postscript: Thinking of Muslim women poets, the one who immediately sprang to mind was the Bangladeshi Taslima Nasreen/Nasrin who has stood up against fatwas, death threats and societal pressures to proclaim the reality of women’s position in her society.

She wrote:

Even a mangy cur of the house barks now and then,
but over the mouths of women cheaply had,
there’s a lock, a golden lock.

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