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Imitation Is the Sincerest Form of Copying

If you didn’t know better, you might think TV was all about imitation:

    Add supermodel to the list of dream jobs reality television is promising its viewers.

    UPN has given an eight-episode midseason order to an hourlong reality series tentatively titled “Supermodel,” with Tyra Banks serving as an executive producer and judge.

    The project joins a growing roster of talent search series that have emerged since Fox garnered summer success with “American Idol.” Already in the works: an update of “Star Search,” as well as searches for country music stars, comedy stars, action film stars and candidates for the presidency of the United States.

I think that last one is a joke.

    “‘Supermodel’ offers a twist on the reality genre and is a perfect fit for UPN and our audience,” said Dawn Ostroff, UPN’s president of entertainment.

Yes their audience is all very tall and thin and bitchy.

    “The series combines the excitement of competition and the real-life drama of people pursing their dreams.”

    Added Banks: “With ‘Supermodel,’ I want to demystify the glamour and show the challenges and hard work of becoming a supermodel, but in a humorously hip and edgy way.”

I ‘ve been longing to have supermodeling demystified.

    Banks is known largely for her work in the Victoria’s Secret campaigns as well as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit special issue.

    The series will feature a nationwide talent search for eight contenders who believe they can make it in the modeling world. Participants will live together as they vie in weekly tests for a modeling contract.

Yeah, girl fights!

Somehow this report missed one crucial talent contest show:

    ….The Process for Audition / Casting Call: At 7AM on October 5, 2002 in front of The Odeon, sequentially numbered tickets will be passed out, these tickets only guarantee you a place in line. This helps to insure that all possible contestants have the same chance of being first in line, eliminating the need to camp out. The starting number for the line will be picked immediately after the last numbered ticket is handed out. The starting number will be drawn randomly by someone standing in line. The person holding the ticket that matches the starting number drawn will be first in line (i.e. if #’s 1-100 are issued and number 10 is drawn, the line would start with 10, then 11, 12, 13 through 100 then 1-9. When the starting number is announced, the line will shift accordingly. If you arrived after the tickets have been passed out, you must join the line standing behind those with tickets.

    At 7:30, beginning with those at the front of the line, five individuals at a time will be allowed in to register, those who meet the qualifications to audition will receive an arm band which will state their place for their audition. The first 150 contestants will be guaranteed an audition, anyone with an arm band after 150 will only be allowed to audition if time permits.

    Each person will have 30 seconds to sing their particular song a cappella in front of the five judges. During the audition process, judges will be targeting 30 individuals for the semi-finals. However, the judges reserve the right to select a lesser or greater number of people for the semi-finals. We will have a panel of five judges. An individual selected for the semi-finals will be recalled for the second audition based on their talent, ability, look and style, as determined in the sole discretion of our panel of judges.

    The Second Audition: The second audition will take place on Saturday, October 19, 2002 at 10AM at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum, One Key Plaza, Cleveland, Ohio 44114. The contestants will sing a song of their choice, for up to one minute and be accompanied by a pianist supplied by FOX 8. The contestants will have five minutes to practice with the pianist before their audition. Contestants must provide the sheet music for their particular song with cord charts. All auditions will be taped and may appear on FOX 8 News. The panel of judges will then cut the contestants down to 10 semi-finalists.

    Semi-Finals: The “Producers” will separate the final 10 people into 2 groups of 5 people each. The first group of semi-finalists will air on FOX 8 News at 10, on November 4, 2002 and the second group of semi finalists will air on FOX 8 News at 10 on November 6, 2002. FOX 8 News will air each contestant’s performance that was taped during the second audition at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum. An equal amount of time will be used from each contestant’s performance. Viewers will be asked to vote using special phone lines set up by AT & T following the broadcast of each semi-final round. The votes will be tallied through this phone system. The phone lines will be open for voting for two hours following each round on FOX 8 New at 10, starting at 11pm until 1AM. The winner of the first group of semi-finalists will be announced on FOX 8 News at 10PM on November 5, 2002. All five contestants need to be present during the announcement at the studio of FOX 8 News 5800 South Marginal Rd. Cleveland, Ohio 44103. The winner of the second group of semi-finalists will be announced on FOX 8 News at 10PM on November 7, 2002. All five contestants need to be present during the announcement at the studio of FOX 8 News. The winner of the first group of semi-finalists will need to be present at this time too.

    The Final Audition: On Tuesday, November 12, 2002, the final two contestants will perform live at The Odeon, 1295 Old River Rd. Cleveland (in the flats). This segment will air live within FOX 8 News at 10. The finalists will perform with musical accompaniment provided by FOX 8. The finalist will have one hour to practice with those providing the music. One finalist will practice between 7pm and 8pm and the other finalist will practice between 8pm and 9pm on November 12, 2002 before the final performance on FOX 8 News at 10. Viewers will be asked to vote using the special phone line system. The voting will be open from 11PM until 1AM.

    Both contestants will need to be at the studio of FOX 8 News 5800 South Marginal Rd. Cleveland, Ohio on November 13, 2002 by 9:30PM. The winner will be announced live during FOX 8 News at 10.

    The decision of the judges will be final as to all matters including selection of semi-finalists, finalists and ultimate winners.


    ….PRIZE: One (1) grand prizewinner will be selected. Grand prizewinner will receive a cash prize of $1,000.00 and a chance to perform during a professional concert sponsored by and or distributed by Clear Channel Entertainment. The winner will also receive a (one year) VIP membership for two at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum.

    Finally, the winner will receive airfare and accommodations for two to Los Angeles by Traveline travel agency for an audition on American Idol 2.

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