Friday , January 21 2022

“I’m going where the weather suits my clothes”

As Dawn mentioned, a lot of Cubs fans are blaming the 26-year-old fan who went after the foul ball for the team’s misfortune in Game 6 of the NLCS. Face it: your team collapsed, choked, screwed the pooch, flushed itself down the toilet. The Gonzalez error, the freaking EIGHT RUNS THE PITCHING STAFF GAVE UP IN THE INNING had very little to do with with a guy going after a foul ball that came INTO THE STANDS. And then your other stud pitcher sucked out loud the vey next day – it took a team effort to collapse so completely. If you’re going to blame anyone, blame Dusty Baker for leaving both Prior AND Wood in the games too long. You’d think he would (no pun intended) have learned after he did the same thing last year with the Giants. Dumbass.

So get over it and continue to root for the most unsuccesful team in the history of professional sport.

At least the guy is welcome in Forida:

    If he’s interested, the 26-year-old Chicago fan who deflected a foul ball away from a Cubs outfielder in Game 6 of the NL Championship Series can find solace in Florida.

    Gov. Jeb Bush said Wednesday an offer of asylum might be a good idea, and an oceanfront retreat in Pompano Beach is offering the man a free three-month stay, should he deem it necessary to get out of Chicago until the hubbub over the popup cools down.

    The fan, whom The Associated Press was holding off naming for fears of his safety, would also receive free airfare and other perks – include steak dinners, martinis and even a water taxi ride – should he decide to fly south for the winter.

    ….The man had to be escorted out of Wrigley Field by security guards in the bottom of the eighth inning after he was threatened and pelted with debris.

    Bush was asked Wednesday if he planned to offer the distraught fan asylum in Florida.

    “If I had that power within me it might be, for his own safety, it might be good to bring him down,” Bush said.

    Bush seemed sympathetic to the man’s unfortunate plight.

    “Sports is so much fun because it isn’t planned, it isn’t programmed,” Bush said. “Stuff happens. And in that sense, it’s kind of a mirror of life. So all I can tell you is it’s been an incredibly interesting series.” [AP]

Chicago: you’ve had the Bulls and the Bears win it all multiple times in the last 20 years. So shut the hell up – you whine like little girls.

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