Saturday , February 24 2024
Bush and O'Reilly reach a new low.

I’m a Nazi?

Well, just when right wingers reach what I consider a low point – such as publishing the divorce reports of Cindy Sheehan as Michelle Malkin did – they sink lower.

I got a bit mad yesterday when reading about President Bush speaking to a veteran’s group where he equated the fight against Nazis in World War II with America’s hunt for terrorists – leaving out that it’s questionable whether we’re succeeding on that front or that the U.S. is once again trying to spread democracy via military action (i..e not in a democratic way).

The comparison made me think of Godwin’s Law, explained here by Wikipedia, and how when I hear comparisons to Nazis I think, "Warning! Something outrageous is about to be said."

But I thought, ‘I’ll let other bloggers take on the challenge of explaining the difference between this war and World War II.

And I saw this and was satisfied, at least for now, by this Slate piece with the headline: “Sorry Mr. President, You’re No FDR – Bush’s worst war analogy yet”.

But then I read this item in DC Media Girl’s blog and I knew I had to say something.

Bill O’Reilly also decided to make a comparison to Nazis – always a bad idea – except he was talking about those who agree with points made in the excellent movie Outfoxed. O’Reilly said:

Those who believe that Outfoxed: Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism "tells the truth about this [Fox News] network" took their place alongside those who "agree with Reverends [Jerry] Falwell and [Pat] Robertson that gays and abortionists caused God to allow 9-11"; those who "agree that Allah is OK with slaughtering civilians"; and those who "admire the philosophy of the Third Reich."

Now first of all, since when do liberals get lumped in with crazy conservative evangelists? Silly me, I thought O’Reilly’s political views were closer to Robertson and Falwell than, say, me.

But comparing people who watch and support a movie that objects to Fox presenting opinion as news and essentially being a piece of propaganda… saying, that people objecting to Fox propaganda "admire the philosophy of the Third Reich?

Wow. I don’t even know where to start with a comparison that inane.

I guess I’ll just note that we had a discussion of the movie here and if those who read and participated are Nazis than I’m Bill O’Reilly’s secret crack ho wife.

And that brings me to reason #41,888 you can’t trust anything you see or hear on Fox News: This "story," complete with doctored photo, inaccurate info and all.


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