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Human Error Premieres on September 16

Human Error premieres on September 16, 2005 at New York’s Landmark Sunshine Theater. Based on the off-Broadway play by Richard Dresser, Human Error is a post-industrial, pre-apocalyptic, existential comedy. Award-winning director Robert M. Young (Dominick and Eugene, Caught) blends comic acting and innovative CGI to create what New York magazine critic John Simon calls it “Harold Pinter meets the Marx Brothers.”

Xander Berkeley (Gattaca, A Few Good Men, Air Force One), Tom Bower (High Crimes, Hearts in Atlantis, Pollock) and Robert Knott (Pollock, Buffalo Soldiers) star as three corporate slugs jockeying for position within a decaying multi-national conglomerate. Human Error is seven years in the making.

From the press release:

Dobbitt (Knott) is called away from his wife for an indeterminate, but lengthy stint at the grungiest of third-world factories – an increasingly dangerous plant that produces toxins as it belches out its mysterious “Units” to meet the company’s quotas. Following a seemingly endless days’ journey to his new home, Dobbitt meets his new colleague and roommate-from-hell Hanrahan (Berkeley). While Dobbitt tries his hardest to please, Hanrahan is a caustic and bitter man who immediately questions the new arrival’s motives. The two report to Merkin (Bower), a petty and paranoid manager who ruthlessly pits his two subordinates against each other. In their own ways, the three “tango” for power within the company and in their dealings with each other, forming and breaking and reforming alliances along the way.

About the production:

The movie was shot with the Panavision/Sony 900 HD camera, the same camera that Lucas used on Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones. Actually, during production, Lucas inquired about getting the camera back for his own work. But with such a short window, there was no way they could accommodate him.

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