Thursday , January 27 2022

Huge NYC Jazz Jam

If you’re a jazz fan you should know about the cool Jazz Corner site, with links to jazz-related sites, a busy bulletin board, reviews, profiles and news.

Of particular interest is an incredible jam to be held on Saturday night, Jan 24th at the Iridium, 1650 Broadway at 51st St. in NYC:

    YOU MUST MAKE RESERVATIONS by calling 212 582-2121.

    There will also be door prizes of limited edition prints from jazz photographer Lee Tanner. We will also be presenting a check to Wendy Oxenhorn from the Jazz Foundation of America’s Jazz Musicians Emergency Fund and hopefully coax her to play a little mouth harp. So we certainly don’t want you to miss this unprecedented event. The following musicians are scheduled to perform:

    Bobby Sanabria – drums (jam leader)
    Bobby Watson – sax (jam leader)
    Gary Bartz – sax (jam leader)

    Steve Turre – trombone
    Mike Fahn – trombone
    Chris Washburne – trombone
    Dick Griffin – trombone
    Tim Armacost – sax
    Jessica Jones – sax
    Steve Wilson – sax
    Zan Stewart – sax
    Pete Yellin – sax
    Joe Lovano – sax
    Claire Daly – bari sax
    Ronnie Cuber – bari sax
    Ted Hogarth – bari sax
    Leni Stern – guitar. vocals
    Mark Kleinhaut – gtr
    Roni Ben Hur – gtr
    Freddie Bryant – gtr
    Peter Leitch – gtr
    Dave Stryker – gtr
    Greg Skaff – gtr
    Ron Jackson – gtr
    Dave Bernstein – gtr
    Christy Dana – trumpet
    Fred Jacobs – trumpet
    Mark Levine -piano
    David Hazeltine – piano
    Onaje Allan Gumbs – piano
    Keith Javors – piano
    Michele Rosewoman – piano
    James Weidman – piano
    Eli Yamin – piano
    Peggy Stern – piano
    Rob Schneiderman – piano
    George Cables – piano
    James Williams – piano
    Dena DeRose – piano, vocals
    Joanne Brackeen – piano
    Ralph Peterson – drums
    Jimmy Cobb – drums
    Winard Harper – drums
    Tony Reedus – drums
    Akira Tana – drums
    Jack Mouse – drums
    Sylvia Cuenca – drums
    Miles Griffith – vocals
    Judi Silvano – vocals
    Lisa Sokolov – vocals
    Carla White – vocals
    Janice Borla – vocals
    Giacomo Gates – vocals
    Kim Kalesti – vocals
    Mark Sherman – vibes
    Andy McKee – bass
    Leon Lee Dorsey – bass
    Ray Drummond – bass
    Mary Ann McSweeney – bass
    Dwayne Burno – bass
    Lisle Atkinson – bass
    Jan Leder – flute
    Jamie Baum – flute
    Andrea Brachfeld – flute
    Mark Weinstein – flute
    Akua Dixon – cello
    Duke Lee – percussion

Whoa, that’s a serious gathering of the tribes.

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