Sunday , March 3 2024
There was Kensei and there was a yellow umbrella, who could ask for more? Me, that's who.

How I Met Your Mother‘s Producers As My Heroes

To say that I am thrilled with the return last night of Heroes and How I Met Your Mother is to totally and completely misunderstand who I am. I am not thrilled. I am not happy. I am not overjoyed. I am completely and totally over-the-moon with excitement. No joke, I worry about having a heart attack.

It’s not even that I thought either show was that brilliant yesterday, it’s that there is the promise of oh so much more coming. It’s just like the Slap Countdown website Marshall set up — it’s good now, but as that clock ticks down to zero you just have the sense that it is going to be legendary, it has to be.

You see, we now know what show the slap is going to occur in, so Carter Bays and Craig Thomas (the men in charge) have to do something incredible to make it funny. Even Barney knows when the slap is coming, so what does Marshall have up his sleeve? I have to assume, because I am such a fan of the show, that they would not have clued in the audience unless they knew where they were going to end up with the slap and that it is going to be, in their minds, spectacular. Well guys, impress me, because that clock is ticking down to the November Sweeps episode awfully quickly.

As for Heroes… I guess it was interesting, I just kept sitting there thinking to myself “they only have 24 or so episodes this season, did they really think this was a worthy use of the first one?” I’m just not sure it was. How did Claire magically end up talking to a guy who has superpowers? Why has Parkman done nothing substantial to help Molly? Comforting the poor child is all well and good, but if she is seeing this bogey man every night in her dreams, and he has been haunting her for over four months, it seems to me that Parkman should stop messing around with Mohinder. Why are they spending their time trying to infiltrate The Company instead of, you know, helping the girl who so desperately needs it? No, am I wrong? Am I crazy? Am I out of line?

What about Hiro, did he not realize that everything he knows about Kensei may include more than what Kensei has yet accomplished in his life? Seems logical to me. Did this nerd fan-boy not figure out that that revealing someone’s future to them is a huge danger of time travel (see Back to the Future for examples)? I know that even Hiro’s vaunted Star Trek explored such things, he should have been far more careful in his dealings with Kensei right off the bat.

But both shows are laying the groundwork for the season, aren’t they? I might complain if they jumped right in that they are not allowing new viewers the opportunity to catch up and thereby making a huge mistake. And, I’m not particularly distressed with either show, my main problem is that I want more. I need to know more about what is happening. I need another installment. I want them to go Jack Bauer-style (no, not drive under the influence) and get through four episodes in two days, really throw the audience into the season.

Speaking of throwing people into the midst of things, how about Law & Order: SVU throwing their newest cast member to the wolves tonight? Apparently following the premiere this evening new cast member Adam Beach and executive producer Neal Baer will be taking your questions on the SVU blog.

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