Monday , April 15 2024
My pubWARE experience is nothing short of awesome. Don't be surprised If my whole cabinet is completely from this company.

Houseware Review: pubWARE – Glasses Both Classy and Completely Indestructible

It’s an old saying that “necessity is the mother of invention” and pubWARE is a perfect example of that. Nothing like watching your money go out the window to motivate you to create something to stop that from happening, which is exactly what restaurateur Quinn O’Sullivan did.

Quinn watched glass after glass being broken on his restaurant floor, cash register sounds ringing in his head. He knew there had to be a way to fix this issue without resorting to plastic cups and making his business look like a frat party. There were other options out there, but nothing that could withstand the use at a place like his, so Quinn looked for help and with it he created pubWARE, a glass that looks good, almost identical to glass in both look and weight, but will survive being dropped, knocked over, or even thrown at the wall when your football team…”OH MY GOD! HOW COULD HE MISS THAT!”


pubWARE is actually just the first in a line of products coming out of a new company called symGLASS (you can put together how that name appeared.) You can get nine different types of glasses, including Tear-Drop Stem or Stemless wine glasses, a Tear-Drop Old Fashioned, or a 20 oz Pub Glass. You can even get that Tear-Drop Stemless wine glass in white instead of clear if you like.

If you want to get all fancy and brag about your team, your school, or that nickname that you’re still holding onto, you can get the glasses etched with your design on them.

While the marketing is generally driven towards adults looking for more sturdy glassware that still looks fancy, I have two young sons and I want to expound on how awesome these are (I was sent the Stemless wine glasses) for letting your children move into the “big kid” cups. My son loves drinking out of his, and I never fear him dropping it, except for the amount of paper towels I’m going to need for the spill. He’s done everything to his cup outside of feeding it to our neighbor’s dog and there isn’t a scratch on it.

The prices range depending on what style you get, some of which are on closeout right now, but remember you are paying for a product that you will likely never need to replace. It will outlast your entire family tree.

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