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The variety of wearable trackers is great for business, but with so many options, it might be intimidating for you when it comes to shopping for your best fit.

Highest Rated Fitness Trackers of 2015


During his lifetime, Leonardo Da Vinci envisioned a device that would count steps and monitor activity for military purposes. Since that time, others have latched onto the idea, creating step meters, pedometers, and finally wearable fitness trackers, which are a big selling product today. The variety of wearable trackers is great for business, but with so many options, it might be intimidating for you when it comes to shopping for your best fit. Perhaps this list will help break it down for you.

Top Trackers For Runners

Training for a 5K or marathon? These trackers are the perfect tool to help you get where you need to be.

Runtastic Orbit

If you want to see the results of your activity on most fitness trackers, you need to pull up the app on your phone or computer, which is frustratingly limiting for many runners. This stylish wristband that comes in the color of your choice solves that problem by doing what other trackers do, (i.e. follow your steps, sleep, and calories burned) with the added luxury of allowing you to see the results of your workout right on your wrist.

Fitbit Surge

This tracker is great for runners as well as others who spend ample time in the gym. You can track static cardio workouts, monitor your heart rate, and more with the ability to access the results of your workout on the screen. It also has marvelous notifications capabilities that alert you when you’ve reached your goal or received text messages and phone calls.

Polar M400

The Polar M400 is an excellent option for runners who also want all day activity monitoring. It tracks your regular activity, while offering GPS that determines the pace and distance of your run. It also has bluetooth and can sync to your phone or other devices to keep you up to date with what’s going on around you while you’re enjoying your workout.

The Most Affordable

Staying healthy doesn’t always mean paying an arm and a leg. You might find that the best tracker for you is in a very affordable price range, like the options that follow.

Misfit Flash

For just $49.99, you can get this stylish tracker that comes in a variety of vibrant colors to suit anyone’s tastes. It monitors sleep, tracks activity and calories burned, and is an excellent swim tracker to boot. The technology within this budget tracker is compared with that of the Jawbone Up model, one of the top trackers on the market.

Pivotal Tracker 1

Though this band isn’t waterproof, for $12 per year, you may find that that’s one thing you can live without. It comes with all the standard features of fitness trackers plus sleep tracking. The subscription element is definitely in your favor because it means you get all of the updates to the tracker immediately without having to upgrade.

Most Stylish

For those of you who hate the thought of a slightly bulky and less attractive wristband to track your activity, consider these much more stylish options.


Both the Withing Activité and the Withings Activité Pop are excellent options as far as style. The sleek design of both of these trackers feature a classy analogue watch display and a leather band that can be switched out for a sport band when working out or swimming.

Swarovski Shine

This is the ultimate stylish fitness tracker designed for women. The design is that of a large bracelet bejeweled with Swarovski crystals. Underneath the opulence, this tracker has the capacity to track all of your activity with replaceable bands for sports use as well.

For Overall Health

And finally, if you’re looking to do it all, consider these top fitness trackers that will help you monitor your overall health and activity.

Jawbone Up3

Always a leader in fitness tracking, Jawbone has done it again with this track-all model. The band is waterproof, stylish, and noninvasive and has the capacity to track pretty much anything you want to know about, including steps, calories, heart rate, stairs, and distance. It also syncs with popular fitness apps such as RunKeeper and MyFitnessPal to keep you up to date with your health.

Fitbit Charge HR

With the Fitbit Charge HR, this iconic brand has brought out arguably the best of the best, even beating out the Jawbone brands. Unlike earlier versions of Fitbit that only tell steps taken, calories burned, and stairs climbed, this version also tells time, monitors your heart rate, tracks your sleep, and notifies you of calls and other alerts when synced to your smartphone. You can connect to fitness apps and view all of this information through the official app or see the results of your day’s activity on the OLED screen. If you’re looking for a fitness tracker that does it all, the Charge HR is an excellent choice.


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