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In our home, "the chocolate maidens," as Eric affectionately phrased the divas, are appreciated for their many comely attributes, both personally aesthetic and musical, but rarely, until now, had the distinction of their color come into play.

Hershey Kisses – Beauty and the Breast

I am truly sorry for once again pointing people to that savage underachieving dickhead’s rant, but I have made myself read it many times now so that I will know what racism looks like when it tries to hide itself behind “theory and conjecture.”

Eric and I were watching the Grammys last night and we just kept smiling to ourselves as the beautiful “black” people were being applauded and appreciated for their individual and group accomplishments in the music arena. In our home, “the chocolate maidens,” as Eric affectionately phrased the divas, are appreciated for their many comely attributes, both personally aesthetic and musical, but rarely, until now, has the distinction of their color come into play.

If someone is going to argue that black women as a group are not beautiful, well clearly that someone is fucking retard. Everytime I gazed upon Beyonce, Queen Latifah, Alicia Keys (bi-racial – ooh, doesn’t that burn you up Mr. Yeagley) and or course JANET JACKSON, my thoughts were “man, that’s one beautiful woman.” There are others too, millions and millions, if not to the world at large, then certainly to those who love them.

Who is one man to decide that an entire race of women aren’t beautiful simply because he prefers “his own race”? I might proclaim to prefer my own species, but I certainly don’t think any one race has cornered the market on beauty. Whatever package beauty comes in, it’s still beautiful. To state that “black beauty” is somehow inferior to white, or any other race, is the essence of racism.

Our society has made a habit of persecuting and objectifying those black women who are so clearly beautiful that they can’t be ignored. Dorothy Dandridge is a perfect example. A talented and beautiful actress whose career was relegated to low-budget roles, excluding one, Carmen Jones, Dorothy’s life was tormented by one white cad after another and a society that would only allow her to go so far with her talent. It looks like in the last 50 years, some people’s opinions of talented black women hasn’t changed

Until Halle Berry won the Oscar for best actress for her role in Monster’s Ball, no other black female had ever won an Oscar – NOT ONE. Speaking of Halle Berry, it’s not unreasonable to assert she may be the most beautiful woman in world.

Black women in our society have a tougher road to go than any other minority group, but it’s not because they aren’t beautiful, sexy, talented and amazing. It’s because of the stereotypes foisted on them by white males, black males, and everyone in between. The recent brouhaha at Blogcritics just brings to the surface a very real problem our society has with powerful and beautiful black women. Had Janet been say, MADONNA would this assplug be harping the same half-baked racially hateful song and dance?

Whether or not the halftime show stunt was planned or not, the fundamental issue is “appropriateness” and it may not have been appropriate, but let’s not turn a typical entertainment business stunt into anything other than a stunt.

At this point, I don’t have less respect for Janet, I have more. So here’s to you Janet. Nipples up!!

UPDATE: Just in case any of you think for one second that David Yeagley isn’t a jealous racist, it seems he can’t stand the fact that one minority group is celebrated more than another, at least in one area of society.

Hey Yeagley, newsflash for you, it doesn’t matter if you ALSO happen to be a member of an underepresented minority group, you can still be labeled a hateful RACIST.

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