Monday , October 25 2021

Haunted Hotel – On Purpose

We were just talking about the Haunted House at Disneyland, and now we have word that Universal Orlando’s Hard Rock Hotel is taking the haunted house concept one step further:

    Universal Orlando’s Hard Rock Hotel will bring to life (or death as the case might be) beginning October 4 as part of the resort’s renowned Halloween Horror Nights, every traveler’s worst nightmare: a room from Hell.

    ….There will be skeletons in the closet. Literally. And things people have never seen, even at the most suspect roadside motel. Each evening, guests trapped in the room will experience various surprises beginning with someone evil entering the room (no, not unexpected maid service) and ending in total chaos — including breaking mirrors and a bed that seems possessed.

    Special touches in the room include coffins, body parts stuffed in drawers, skeletons, tombstones and even blood-red shower water.

    Though Hard Rock’s management has taken every opportunity to protect anyone who has purchased the “Eternal Rest Package” — including a 24-hour on- call contact — guests will be asked to sign a waiver — absolving the hotel of any responsibility for what harm may come to pass during the night.

    “This really will be unbelievably terrifying,” said Carrier. “Though it’s all in good fun, the line between realism and special effects will definitely be blurred. I expect many requests for an express early checkout.”

    The price is $585. Now that’s really scary.

I’m not sure I want my sleep quite that “interactive.”

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