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Has This Happened to You Yet?

Because I am only surface competent with computers in general, and little more so with the Internet – although I am one hellacious searcher – THIS KIND OF SHIT drives me out of my mind. I got it on Monday:

    from the evil-does-have-a-name dept.
    Xupiter Mongers Deal Spam, Scams

      “What could the most evil thing on the Internet and the Dalai Lama possibly have in common?

      Both are being used to promote websites owned by two of the Internet’s most notorious businessmen.

      The Xupiter toolbar that is plaguing so many Internet users is the work of the father and son team of Saeid and Daniel Yomtobian. Both men are experienced in devising innovative ways to use the Internet to force their businesses down people’s throats.”

    I have heard tale of this evil-in-action, and the torture it is to remove it from your system after it hijacks your browser. Apparently, it installs itself with little or no warning, changes your browser home page, and redirects all searches to its home page.

    Internet users across the globe are reporting this as the most evil thing they have aver seen. It is virtually impossible to get rid of, and the supposed uninstall utility either doesn’t work or breaks your system. Recommended is Spybot Search & Destroy to eradicate this pest.

I definitely need cool computeratis like Kurt to tell me what to do.

To get rid of the homepage problem, I had to go to my CHOSEN HOMEPAGE, My Yahoo!, click on Help at the top of My Yahoo! page, and then click on “How do I make My Yahoo! my home page?” and folow the instructions. I know there is some way to do it from the browser, but I forget how.

I’m going to check out the Spybot deal now.

Spybot Search and Destroy freaking rules!! It neatly excised all of the Xupiter crap and a bunch of other nasty little piece of shit spies lurking in my computer without messing with anything it shouldn’t. I SING ITS PRAISES FROM THE MOUNTAINTOPS!!

More on the Xupiter fucks:

    It’s a browser toolbar that some swear is doing “drive-by downloads” — installing itself without users’ permission — then taking over their systems and making it impossible to uninstall.

    “When I find the bastards who programmed this thing I’d be happy to castrate them with a pair of dull pinking shears,” fumed one of Xupiter’s many unhappy victims in a newsgroup posting.

    Xupiter is an Internet Explorer toolbar program. Once active in a system, it periodically changes users’ designated homepages to, redirects all searches to Xupiter’s site, and blocks any attempts to restore the original browser settings.

    The program attempts to download updates each time an affected computer boots up, and has been blamed for causing system crashes. Several versions of Xupiter also appear to download other programs, such as gambling games, which later appear in pop-up windows.

    Some said that Xupiter has taken over their browsers.

    “Random words and characters now appear when I attempt to enter info on search sites or other forms. It’s as if there’s a ghost in my machine,” New York resident Beth Vanesky said.

    ….”Xupiter is the worst thing I’ve ever personally encountered on the Internet,” said Ed Olexa. “You only realize that it has been installed when you start your browser and see that Xupiter’s search page is now your homepage.”

    Olexa had to manually edit his system registry to remove Xupiter.

    “Xupiter seems to have the ability to reinstall itself if each and every component is not removed,” Olexa said. “Computer novices might never really get rid of it.”

    Healan recommended Spybot Search & Destroy to eradicate the program. [Wired]

Damn straight.

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