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It is New Year's Day, and many people are just waking up (but some will probably sleep until it gets dark outside) with hangovers.

Hair of the Dog? New Year’s Day Hangover Remedies

It is New Year’s Day, and many people are just waking up (but some will probably sleep until it gets dark outside) with hangovers. I have heard many people say “I can handle my liquor” only to see them in agony the following morning. This started back in college when I noted those who thought they could “handle” their drinking ended up with the worst hangovers.

I’ll never forget what one of my old buddies said about hangovers: “I gauge how much of a good time I had by the hangover I get. Since I can’t remember much of what I did, I know I had a blast by the severity of my condition.”

Well, this was a convoluted kind of thinking, but he did have a point I suppose. The worst hangover I ever had (I think I may have had three or four in my entire life) was after my friend’s wedding. I was sick for two days and nothing I tried worked.

That was twenty years ago, and since then I’ve learned some home recipes for hangover cures that I wish I knew back then. Anyway, I share with you ones I’ve learned over the years. I am sure there are more and hope you will let me know about them in your comments.

Cure 1: raw egg, milk, orange juice, and teaspoon of honey Note: I have tried this and it doesn’t taste so bad. It works better if you put it in a shaker or blender to get rid of that taste of raw egg.

Cure 2: pickles, peanut butter, and chocolate ice cream (mixed up)

Note: Never tried this, but a friend told me he got the idea when his wife was pregnant. He swears it works.

Cure 3: fried egg, cheese, mayonnaise, mustard, and bacon on white bread

Note: Perhaps a tasty sandwich, but I don’t know about it working as a cure.

Cure 4: shot of liquor (whatever it was you last had) dropped into 1/2 cup milk and 1/2 cup of orange juice (supposed to drink it down all at once)

Note: Never tried it; doesn’t sound so bad.

Cure 5: a bottle of Weisse beer, one cold sausage link, and a piece of white bread

Note: This is a German friend’s cure; he says the yeast in the beer is strong and mixes with the other stuff to great effect.

Cure 6: 2 ounces thousand island dressing, 1 teaspoon horseradish, 1 clove of garlic (supposed to blend all together and take quickly)

Note: This comes from a friend who is a chef. He’s a fine cook, but I think I’ll pass on this recipe.

Cure 7: raw chopped meat mixed with ketchup and onions (washed down with a pint of beer)

Note: This comes from an Irish friend who is still living. I guess that says it all.

Cure 9: spoonful of soy sauce, ounce of olive oil, spoonful of ketchup, ounce of red wine vinegar (shaken or blended; drink down quickly)

Note: This is one from a friend who is a bartender; he must know what he is doing, but I’m not going to try it.

Cure 10: pig’s feet chopped up, one raw egg, drizzled with pickle juice

Note: You may have guessed this came from my German friend again. He says to only try this when all else fails. I suppose you would have to be quite desperate.

Cure 11: yogurt, cherry tomatoes, and spoonful of mustard

Note: An old girlfriend taught me this one; it’s honestly not why we broke up.

And finally, Grandpa’s recipe: boiled water, 2 shots of whiskey, teaspoon of honey, teaspoon of white vinegar

Note: Pour the water into a large coffee mug, mix in the other stuff, drink while hot, then jump under heavy blankets.

* I tried this one and it really works. I slept for hours and woke all sweaty and without a smidge of discomfort.

I don’t advocate any of these concoctions. As part of my new year’s resolution to do more sharing (actually my four year old needs to do this, so I promised to make it my resolution too) I am revealing these for the first time. I hope they work; I’m just glad I have no reason to try any of them today.

Happy 2006 to all!

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