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The conversation between Guster and Jeff Garlin continues with this second installment...

Guster With Jeff Garlin Podcast Wrapup: Episode 2 (Oct. 9, 2006)

This week's review is less a review and more a recap. It is also more than a week late. Sorry about that last part.

This week's episode of the Guster/Jeff Garlin podcast opens with a quick blast of Michael Jackson's "Thriller." Garlin suggests both he and Guster fly quite a ways under the radar, but those who have heard of either or both of them tend to be devoted followers. Ryan Miller then tries to somehow tie this into the still-playing "Thriller" and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

The chatter this week is a little less on the funny. The breaking news in this week's segment is Guster has just finished mixing their Ganging Up on The Sun album the day this conversation takes place. A clip of "Hang On" is played as that is the track the band had just finished mixing the day this conversation takes place. Ryan explains what he doesn't like about the song and Brian Rosenworcel thinks there is a moment in "Hang On" that sounds like "One" by U2.

This sets off a discussion of favorite U2 songs: Garlin says his will always be "Bad," preferably the Wide Awake in America version. Miller's favorite U2 album is The Unforgettable Fire. Brian thinks "Bad" is about born-again Christianity. Garlin thinks it might be about rabbinical students. I think they're both wrong – I am pretty sure it is about addiction. 

This week's "My Rifle, My Pony, and Me" comes in the form of "Float On" by The Floaters.  It is hard to imagine beating Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson, but for pure comedic value "Float On" wins.  What is funniest about this song is someone might have, at one time, taken it seriously. The commentary during "Float On" is more than worth sticking around to the end of the podcast to hear – particularly when Garlin writes his own verse to the song.  You will never think about a dreidel the same way again.

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