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Growing Old Disgracefully Recording News

Growing Old Disgracefully (GoD) is currently mixing its debut album after a more than successful trip to the studio.

The band, most of whose members live in London, recorded their debut album, By the Grace of … at Bracknell’s South Hill Park recording studio and were there on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th April.

Tracks recorded include “Waking Up,” “Whisky & Westminster,” “Soft Side,” “Shine,” “Movin In’,” “Rock Star,” “Deeds not Words,” “Baltic Babes” and “Stormhold.”

Lead singer and spokesman for the band and Blogcritic, Andrew Ian (Marty) Dodge said, “At 8pm on Sunday; GoD wrapped up its 16 hour (over 2 days) session in the studio. The band managed, with quite a bit of help, to produce 9 tracks for our forthcoming album By the Grace of … (alternately titled: By Thunder, By Thor, By Heck!)

“The first day was dedicated to recording drums, guitars (with the awesome Mitch Benn who also laid down an awesome & hysterical vocal on Jon P’s opus “Movin In”) and other assorted instruments.

“The second day was used to finish up any needed musoing and the vocals. We managed to get all the vocals laid down in time; a few tracks were managed in one take. The last hour was dedicated to the most chaotic, amusing, and productive group vocal session I have ever seen. There were smiles all around, and I am convinced some of those singing were surprised at how good they all

Band Members include:
Andrew Ian Dodge (lyricist, frontman, vocalist) Andrew Ian Dodge has been involved in the music business for over 20 years and is a novelist, computer games consultant and writer.

John Haithwaite (guitars, keyboards, percussion, mouth organ, lyrics,
vocals and all music) John is a former member of the band “The Recliners” and works as an IT consultant. John is producing the album.

Rob Mallows (bass and backing vocals)
Rob works for the CBI in public affairs.

Jonathan Pearce (lyrics and backing vocals)
Jon Pearce works as a journalist.

Mitch Benn (guitars, vocals)
Mitch Benn is a stand up and musical comic. Front man of Mitch Benn and the Distractions. Mitch Benn also has his own show on Radio 4 – “Mitch Benn’s Crimes Against Music” and frequently stars on Radio 4’s “The Now Show” and Radio 2’s “It’s Been a Bad Week.”

Mitch has/will record with the band and play one off gigs but due to other commitments will probably not participate in touring. Mitch’s lead vocals are featured on the track “Movin In” co-written with Jon Pearce, John Haithwaite and Andrew Ian Dodge.

John Harrison (lead and backing vocals)
John is an IT consultant
He sings lead on the track “Stormhold anthem” which was commissioned for the guild Stormhold that plays the online games Shadowbane and World of Warcraft (Haithwaite and Dodge are both members). It was meant to be an online only track but the band were so happy with John’s performance that it is being included on the album.

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