Friday , September 29 2023
You have GOT to be kidding. Tell me who I left off this list?

Greatest Hits For These Bands?

Five bands who should never have had greatest hits albums released

1) Blind Melon. The band had one hit and then next thing we know the lead singer is dead. If they were Sublime I could understand putting out 3 more albums post-death but Blind Melon?

2) The Motels. You have got to be kidding. They had their 15 minutes – or less – and now when they should just check out they have greatest hits album.
I hear people fighting at Motels who are more entertaining..

3) Missing Persons – I have a personal beef with them. I grew up about 90 minutes from Los Angeles. And each time I’d drive through the area inevitably KROQ would play ‘Nobody walks in L.A.” and I’d be like, um, am I nobody? Who the — you calling nobody? And yes, “What are words for?” Not for you since the lyricist sucks.

4) Talk Talk – Ok, It’s My Life was a great song and had a video but everyhing else they did was not a hit – it was just an annoyance.

5) Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – I give them a demerit just based on that atroicious spelling alone and the fact they were mostly known from being on movie sondtracks is not exactly something to brag about.

Runner-ups: Flock of Seagulls (You remember the hair but can you name any of their songs besides I Ran), Simple Minds, Quarterflash, Animotion and Berlin.

Ok,I challenge you to name more than one hit – ok, two hits – from each of these bands.

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