Sunday , September 20 2020
Freaking cable modem down all day - I hate being this dependent.

Graphic Evidence

The reason I haven’t posted anything today is that my cable modem has been down all day. ALL day since I got in at 7:50am. Adelphia – yes THAT Adelphia – cable has been unavailable all day – phone off the hook. After I wrote up an essay for the Plain Dealer, cleaned up my email address book, filed some CDs, made a couple of phone calls, wrote up my interview questions for Jim Henke, chief curator of the Rock Hall, read through the paper, and it was still down, I was about ready to crush some cable company skulls.

We drove over to the new house to check on the progress – one month to go – and saw a flotilla of Adelphia trucks clustered around a junction box. We mooned them and flipped them off – no excuse for no cable all day – and felt a little better. They said it could be a few more hours.

I am writing this on an AOL dial-up and it sucks, sucks, sucks. How was your day?

Back up at 6:45pm – it was down for at least 11 hours, a new record. I despise my dependence upon this electronic umbilical. I sense they feel their power and, at the worst possible moment, double the price, or demand a pound of flesh. Douchebags.

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