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Will Elbryan and Jill reunite? Will Jill regain her memories? Will Avelyn be able to beat the monks from St. Mere-Abelle?

Graphic Audio Review: The DemonWars Saga: The Demon Awakens – Part II By R.A. Salvatore

This is a story that begins in part 1

Then, at the start of part 2… years have passed for Elbryan Wyndon and Jilseponie Ault. Elbryan has spent his time living and learning from the Touel`alfar, the winged elves of Corona. Jill, who was raised by the Chilichunks family in Palmaris, has her marriage annulled from Connor Bildeborough after she rejected him on their wedding night. She is forced to enter the military and has spent her time fighting off men and keeping to herself. Avelyn, is forced to leave St. Mere-Abelle after finding it to not be the holy place he had hoped for and after receiving a vision of the awakened demon dactyl.

Once again I was treated to a Graphic Audio performance that really brings you into the story. The combination of sound effects and artistic vocal performances creates what Graphic Audio calls a “Movie in your Mind” and that is truly what The DemonWars Saga: The Demon Awakens – Part II is.

After finishing up his training, Elbryan is renamed Nighthawk, given the title Ranger, and awarded a specially made bow. He must now must leave the Touel`alfar and set off on his own. Avelyn, has become fat and a drunk and he now goes from town to town starting fights and trying to warn about the coming doom from the Demon Dactyl. Jill seems to have found her place in the military but she seems to be the only one who takes her job seriously. Everyone else wants to drink and have a good time.

Through all of this the Demon Dactyl, Bestesbulzibar continues to build his dark force of Goblins, Powries and Fomorian giants awaiting the time to take over the world.

The questions to be answered are will Elbryan and Jill reunite? Will Jill regain her memories? Will Avelyn be able to stop the monks from St. Mere-Abelle from catching him and forcing him back? Most importantly will the three be able to warn the others of the dark forces coming?

This part starts off quickly and continues the pacing and the edginess throughout the story. It keeps you on the hook waiting for the next thing to happen as it builds the tension. I really cannot wait for part III. If I had one complaint, it is that I wish that it was released as one complete book as opposed to three parts of one book. Because I recommend this story, I would make sure that you order all three.

The quality of the story and performance are the reason that I will be coming back to Graphic Audio products. By using a whole cast; over 20 performers, you don't get one person trying to sound like many different voices, you get unique individual characters.

You can listen to a sample, or purchase the GraphicAudio Book from their on-line Store. The story comes three ways; standard CD (the version I reviewed), MP3 CD and downloadable WMA with digital rights management.

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