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Go Guac on FoodNetwork for Super Sunday

With the big game coming up, you’ll need all the best ideas and recipes for a super bowl of guacamole – and they can be found at FoodNetwork, the No. 1 food and cooking site on the Web. Are you a guacamole greenhorn or an avocado aficionado? No matter, FoodNetwork will help you guac your socks off just in time for the biggest snack day of the year: Super Sunday.

FoodNetwork is your one-stop-guac-shop for every party snacking need with guacamole recipes, guacamole troubleshooting, guac news and trends, and a “Guac of Fame” contest. Let’s see some of the great things FoodNetwork is dipping into:

• Ask the “Guac Doc,” Guy Fieri: Do your your avocados lack bravado? Just peruse FoodNetwork’s “Ask the Guac Doc.” The Guac doc has dip tips and more, plus advice on speed-ripening avocados and preventing beautiful green guac from going brown. Guy Fieri is the host Food Network’s hit series, Ultimate Recipe Showdown.

• Nearly 200 Guacamole recipes: When searching how to make guacamole, look no further than FoodNetwork, where guacamole recipes abound from the quick — like Rachael Ray’s “Guac & Roll” recipe — to the easy, like Alton Brown’s version (FoodNetwork’s most popular guacamole recipe). Ellie Krieger’s “Chunky Guacamole” is a low-cal alternative, while Tyler Florence’s dip offers a unique tasting recipe that includes onion and Serrano chiles.

Guac of Fame: Do you think you’ve got the hippest dip on the strip? Does your guac turn others to mush? Find out if your guacamole is holy or lowly! Submit a photo of your greatest guac along with the reasons why it reigns supreme to FoodNetwork’s “Guac of Fame” contest. Winners will receive a signed copy of Guy Fieri’s new book, Diners, Drive-Ins & Dives.

Guac in the News: Stay current with all the latest guacamole trends, like luxe make-it-yourself guac bars and new dip blends like “guacamayo.”

The Guacamole Song from the Food Network

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