Sunday , December 10 2023
HBO has released several images from Sunday's new episode of Game of Thrones. What do they reveal, and what might we expect from "The Lion and the Rose?"

‘Game of Thrones’: Newly Released Images from Episode Two – ‘The Lion and the Rose’

“The Lion and the Rose,” episode two of Game of Thrones fourth season is certainly suggestive of its content. The Lion can only mean a Lannister, and the Rose? The House Tully sigil, of course. Can wedding bells be far behind for the brat-King Joffrey and the lovely Tully Rose Margaery?

HBO has released a series of images from Sunday’s new Game of Thrones episode. What do they tell us? They do indeed confirm a wedding is in the offing. Those who know the George R.R. Martin books have some idea of what you might expect come the nuptials between the Lion and the Rose, but, as you know, what happens in the novel, may not in the series. There have been diversions before, and shall be again. But what’s to come Sunday? It’s anyone’s guess.

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  1. Ugh….”House Tully,” “Tully Rose.” What incredibly irresponsible “journalism.” Whoever wrote this tripe should have their head up on a pike in King’s Landing immediately.