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The UWater X3 is a beast of a wireless speaker that will take as much damage-testing as you can give it, and then some.

Gadget Review: UWater X3 Bluetooth Wireless Action Speaker

Indestructible is a brave word that should be used only by the ignorant, the arrogant, or those who can really back it up. The folks at Fitness Technologies actually can back it up with their new UWater X3 Wireless Action Speaker. It looks like a model-sized monster truck tire and can withstand pretty much the same amount of damage.

There are few things in life as exciting and terrifying as damage-testing expensive equipment. I giggled out of fear and relief the whole way through.

UX Wireless Speaker

The UWater X3 Wireless Action Speaker comes from the same folks who brought us the underwater MP3 player I reviewed previously. The X3 is also waterproof up to 10 feet deep. Some of you might be thinking, “I never go near the water, jellyfish ate my little brother, so its being waterproof means nothing to me.” Well, this audio land mine is also impact-proof, sand-proof, and snow-proof. Whatever terrain you’re in, you’re covered.

The X3’s protection comes from its silicon shield and chrome-plated metal roof and bottom. Combined, they make breaking this like trying to reach in and grab Iron Man’s techno-heart through his armor. You’re likely to hurt yourself first.

Yet all that security and protection wouldn’t mean anything if the speaker didn’t also sound good. Stacked with a 50mm 80db driver and passive subwoofer, this is not a tinny, scratchy outdoor trinket. This will keep the music going loud and proud through your indoor and outdoor parties, no matter who knocks it over.

Adding to the durability of the UWater X3 is the wide variety of mounts made specifically for it: a carabiner mount, a triple-axis bike mount, a floater mount (for relaxing in the pool), and a metal pedestal mount for awesome display on your desk, table or mantle. This is truly the speaker you can take anywhere.

As with many Bluetooth devices these days, it can also answer phone calls, but here I will admit the X3 doesn’t keep up. The sound of the caller is rather echoey and garbled, and they cannot hear you well unless you are right up next to the speaker. Yet that is a small slight against an otherwise terrific device.

The UWater X3 is a beast of a wireless speaker that will take as much damage as you can, and then some.

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