Thursday , February 22 2024
A new Bluetooth speaker that fits in your car's cup holder and sounds very good. Just don't forget what it is and pour coffee into it.

Gadget Review: speeCup Bluetooth Speaker

For music addicts there is nothing more important than the tech you use to play your favorite tracks. Not only do you want it to sound good, but you want it to be portable, stylish and easy to use. If you can simultaneously make others jealous, even better. The folks over at iCreation have made a valiant attempt at covering all those bases with their Siri/S voice-enabled Bluetooth speaker, the speeCup.

speeCup Black 2

Its design is not just to fool people around you into thinking you have magically musical coffee. The speaker nicely fits into most car cup holders, making it a perfect portable stereo for people not already driving Bluetooth-enabled cars (and way cheaper than upgrading your ride). With a quick change in the settings of your phone and a tap on the top of the speaker, you’re all linked up. At first I was leery about the possibility of solid sound coming from a single speaker unit, but the designers actually hid a secondary speaker (one points up, the hidden one points down near a portal in the middle) so what you hear is a much more rounded quality than you expect.

The speeCup works also with Siri- and S Voice-enabled phones, so by tapping in the middle of the top you can ask for that perfect song for that perfect moment you’re in. If someone calls you while you’re rocking out, no problem. Just another tap on the lid and you can hold your conversation and really confuse those people nearby who have no idea who or what you’re talking to. When you’re in your car many of the hands-free bases are covered so you can enjoy sound and safety at the same time.

As a last added benefit, iCreation tossed in gesture controls for moving back and forth between tracks. There are two small sensors pointing out of the top, and once the feature is enabled you can skip ahead or back with a quick wave of your hand. It picks up the motion incredibly well, almost too well for someone like me who is quite expressive in his car when listening to music.

Overall I am really pleased with the speeCup and can see uses far outside the car (the office, picnics, house parties, etc.) Just don’t forget what it is and pour scalding hot coffee into it.

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