Wednesday , May 29 2024
A super small, durable device with one simple function: to activate the shutter on your camera app.

Gadget Review: Shuttr – A Bluetooth shutter for your camera phone

If one thing has made capturing those precious moments in life exceedingly easy it is the combination of our phones and our cameras. The technology and hardware inside the newest phones is now rivaling some of the stand alone cameras we saw at the early stages of the digital revolution. So now we find ourselves with hundreds, if not thousands, of photos on our phones, but one thing is commonly missing: the photographer.

Sure you can ask the passerby to take the photo of you and your friends and these days most people know how to use the more common smartphones, but new bluetooth device from Muku Labs, the Shuttr, can help you avoid the social awkwardness of bugging those people (and the off-chance they may just take off with your phone.)

The Shuttr ($39) is a super small, durable device with one simple function: to activate the shutter on your camera app. Once you connect the Shuttr to your phone for the first time, that’s it, your done. Just open the camera app, set the phone up where you like and walk on into frame. Now some folks might be commenting now, “Um, there is a timer function, so you could always do that.” That is true, but you find yourself a slave to the timing of the moment, which usually comes out looking rushed or painfully posed because the timer was longer than needed.

The Shuttr is small enough to hide in your hand, not be noticed in the shot and allows the photographer to take one, two or dozens of shots without having to go reset the app. Combine this product with a nice posable tripod to grip your phone and you have yourself a great new way to grab amazing photos and actually be in them with your friends.

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