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The NuGreen LED Desk Lamp gives you beautiful cool light at a fraction of the wattage.

Gadget Review: NuGreen LED Desk Lamp by NewerTech

My wife and I a few years back had the amazing opportunity to buy our first home. There were so many things we wanted to do once we moved in. Rooms to paint, curtains and window coverings to buy, motion sensors to put up in case of paranormal infestation…the usual stuff. Yet one of the first things I wanted to spend money on was replacing every single lightbulb. I wasn’t just looking for energy efficiency (but that is a solid bonus), I wanted cool, white light.
NuGreen LED Desk Lamp

The NuGreen LED Desk Lamp gives you both of these things for your home office or really any room in the house. The lamp is packed with 50 LEDs which only use a total of 3.6 watts of power. On top of that you get the long life of the lamp, which averages 45,000 hours of usage.

That’s a lot of time at your desk. I think you need to get up and stretch a bit.

The one overhead light I have in my office has a nice white LED bulb in it, but the glass covering over it changes the quality of the light to a muted yellow. I haven’t gotten around to replacing the entire fixture, but now I don’t have to deal with it nearly as much because the NuGreen desk lamp is more than bright enough to illuminate my whole desk area, bathing it in a color temperature more closely resembling daylight than old-time movie tone.

The lamp also has a little pop of cool because it turns on and off with a slight touch under a lighted ring on the neck. It glows red when it’s off, kinda like the evil folks from Tron, but I’m sure this lamp has only the best of intentions.

If you add up the number of lightbulbs you would replace in 45,000 hours and the extra wattage on your electric bill, the NuGreen LED Desk Lamp will pay for itself in time while giving you the quality of lighting you deserve.

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