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Konnet Care is here to care for your eyesight, so you can pay attention to other stuff (like reading these reviews).

Gadget Review: Konnet Care Vision Protection Shield for iPad

When we are young we think we are indestructible. For me, I added on the benefit of magically regenerating from any ailment. When I was in first grade I was prescribed glasses, but by the end of the year I no longer needed them and for decades after that my eyesight was perfect. But as I grew up I, along with many in my generation, ended up in front of computer screens and mobile devices for longer and longer periods each day. Many in the optometry world view this as one of the factors in the rise of people needing corrective eyewear.
Konnet Care Vision Shield

Konnet Care is one of those companies trying to slow down that trend.

Their Vision Protection Shield is meant to go on top of iPads, iPhones or other mobile devices. It blocks out 99% of the most dangerous types of light emitted from your device, blue light and UV400. These types of light are connected to degradation of vision through myopia and age-related macular degeneration (sounds terrible, I didn’t know what it was either before this).

I have been able to test the iPad version of this protective cover over the last couple of months and while I still wear glasses (which I was doing beforehand), I don’t feel nearly the same level of eyestrain or weariness after reading for long periods of time on the tablet.

For me, one of the biggest worries about any type of sticker or cover on top of the touchscreen is how it will feel and how it will handle fingerprints. In both of these areas this product excels. The surface of the shield is incredibly smooth and I would even go as far as to say it feels nicer than using the iPad without it. Fingerprints also show up much less of the time and I don’t find myself needing to wipe it down quite as often.

Will the Konnet Care Vision Protective Shield rid the world of glasses in the future? Not a chance, but every little bit helps in keeping your eyes in good health for as long as possible. This shield does exactly what it claims and a few things it doesn’t claim, so a bonus is always a treat in my book.

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