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If you're looking for extra mobile battery life while you're on the move, iHome's Power Omni series of batteries may be just what you're looking for.

Gadget Review: iHome Power Omni 3000 and 6000 Battery Chargers

Every day we are under the onslaught of more and more apps, games, and video platforms just waiting to suck our mobile batteries dry. For those people always on the move, powered outlets often are not convenient answers to the problem. The market realizes this issue and portable batteries are a growing niche. iHome, maker or numerous portable speakers and other pieces of tech, would love for you to check out their entries into this field: the iHome Power Omni 3000 and 6000 3-in-1 Portable Battery & Charger.

iHome Power Omni 6000

These two batteries have some similar and some unique functionalities. The 3000 (named for the 3000 mAh it carries in charge) has a micro-USB connector and works with Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, Nokia, Microsoft, Blackberry, Amazon, Google, Asus, and anything else that uses that port. The 6000 on the other hand (yep, named for 6000 mAh of power delivery) has a normal-sized USB port and a lightning connector (instead of the micro-USB), so this is designed for the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, 5c, 5, iPod Touch (5th Gen), and iPod Nano (7th Gen).

iHome Power Omni 3000The smaller battery will give you around 150% extra life, the larger around 300%. They both also have rotating prongs for plugging in, making them even more compact for travel in luggage or your work bag. One feature I like is that if you are charging your phone or device through the battery while the battery itself is also plugged in to refill, the power flows through to your device first. iHome coined the term “total charge priority” for this.

Because I run my own YouTube channel, am painfully addicted to Hearthstone, and live life as a newsfeed junkie, my iPhone battery is always terribly thirsty by the end of the day. Having one of these battery chargers in my work bag gives a huge boost to my piece of mind. Also it charges quickly, sometimes even quicker than a direct lightning connection to the wall, depending on how old your cord is or the juice in the outlet.

If you’re looking for extra life while you’re on the move, iHome’s Power Omni series of batteries may be just what your looking for.

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