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Ecocozies give parents one more piece of ammo in the fight against massive waste and it gives kids a stylish, durable way to carry their snacks and lunch.

Gadget Review: Ecocozie by Daisy

If there is one thing that can link all products, no matter what the category, it is the need to make them more green. Our planet has become a massive engine of production pumping unimaginable tonnage into landfills and dumps everywhere. Cities have begun paying other cities just for the ability to dump their trash there. It becomes a downward spiral of which location will be desperate enough for cash to accept everyone else’s trash, thereby making their community less likely to bring in more people, thereby bringing in less taxes and revenue, and thereby needing more trash to pay the bills. Yet there are steps we can all take and while it might not feel as such, every little bit helps.


The Ecocozie was launched by the Daisy Container Company as a alternative to giving kids plastic baggies, paper sacks, or any other consumable just so they could bring lunch and snacks to school and play. These new containers are lined with food-safe materials, so there’s no need to wrap it up with any more wasted materials. Just toss it in, zip it shut, and off you go. The outside is made of neoprene, so it’s durable and water-resistant. The combination of inside and outside materials will also help insulate the food, keeping hot stuff warm for a reasonable amount of time and vice-versa.

Sure, you could look at this and say, “So it’s basically a lunchbox, right?” but there is more to it. Even when using a lunchbox most parents wrap up sandwiches, put fruit in Ziploc bags or in various other “stay fresh” containers. All of that adds up over the years. Can you even imagine the mountain of trash one child can create if every elementary school lunch was combined? Trust me, it would be astounding. Plus, the Ecocozies are perfectly sized to fit inside, so you can even combine the methods if you’re child is really addicted to their One Direction collectors edition lunchbox.

I try to keep an eye out for “green” or eco-friendly products because as I said before every little bit helps. The Ecocozies are stylish as well, coming in a number of different shapes and sizes. There’s one triangle shaped version just begging to be filled with a slice of pizza (maybe cake, but that could get squishy and is just a little more unhealthy.)

I had two versions to test out and I left one with my wife to use for our infant son and the other I took to work to handle lunch and snacks. Both worked really well. For our son, the Ecocozie held a couple handfuls of puffs and treats without them being crushed by everything else in his diaper bag, which happened previously in the plastic bags. As for me, I grabbed a bagel in the morning, tossed some cream cheese on it, and headed off to work. It was still tasty when I got there and gave me that little extra bit of home at the office. Although, that being said, don’t leave food in it too long (as in days) because it is not air-tight and things will get stale.

Ecocozies give parents one more piece of ammo in the fight against massive waste and it gives kids a stylish, durable way to carry their snacks and lunch.

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