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The Dash A speaker from Soundmatters challenges you to pull something more sonically impressive out of your pocket.

Gadget Review: ‘Dash A’ HiFi Sound Bar by Soundmatters

The landscape of wireless speakers and bluetooth accessories seemingly grows by the day. It can be a tough field to stand out in, but not impossible. The folks at Soundmatters have a new device in Dash Z that does exactly that, while not sacrificing the most important aspect – the sound itself.

DASHa Photo - High Res

The Dash A portable hifi sound bar is barely more than two inches wide by seven-and-a-half inches long. The device fits comfortably it into a jacket or jeans pocket–or handbag. Its size gives this device a nice pop: it’s compact, sturdy and feels like you could just toss in your backpack for any occasion.

The Dash A was designed to provide a more theatrical sound experience when watching movies on a tablets or other mobile device. The bottom of the Dash A is coated with rubber, which provides an incredible surface grip. So it’s easy to lean the device against anything and use the speaker as a kickstand. Once you pair your device to the speaker, you can sit back and enjoy a much richer aural experience with your mobile content.

Although its packaging proclaims, “Made for Kindle,” it can be used with any mobile device. As with many of the other gadgets of its type, you can also answer, hangup or reject incoming calls without taking your phone out.

DASHa in Bag

Chiming in at $119 (only until the end of the year, then it goes up to $149), this is an affordable alternative for delivering a surprising amount of sound quality for its price point. It seems Soundmatters takes their namesake to heart. You can grab this at, and other locations.

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