Thursday , May 23 2024
Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt now at RedBox, and new character revealed for upcoming Puppet Master entry!

Full Moon Announces “Bombshell,” plus Killer RedBox News

It doesn’t have to be All Hallows’ Eve to warrant a viewing of a “seasonal” horror flick like Full Moon’s Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt. And the prooflike many national grocery advertisements suggest on a weekly basisis in the savings. A jaunt to your local RedBox (those things that are giving video rental stores a run for their money) may prove just that, as Killer Eye: Halloween Haunt is now availablealong with several other campy Full Moon featuresfor you to enjoy (providing you have the right sense of humor, that is) for a buck from those big red kiosks housed within those very grocery stores that promise you proof in the savings.

And here you’ve been avoiding the store all this time. Shame!

But, like those aforementioned supermarket chains also tend to say, “that’s not all!” Full Moon Horror’s website will be announcing today the unveiling of Bombshell: one of four tiny terrors to be featured in Puppet Master X: Axis Rising (yes, they’re still making those films, kids!). Another puppet from the forthcoming Charles Band production, Blitzkrieg, was introduced to web-surfers in Decemberand two more unholy creations will be introduced in February and March.

And now onto the really big news. In order to appropriately celebrate and commemorate this big reveal of b-movie bliss, Full Moon’s website is offering an unbeatable $45 deal to purchase the first nine Puppet Master movies on DVD (excluding the Demonic Toys crossover features).  The package includes The Puppet Master Box Set (containing chapters 1 through 7) and the individually-released Puppet Master: Legacy and Puppet Master: Axis of Evil. Normally, these nine titles go for in excess of $120, sowell, do the math, kids. Score!

Now for the fine print (which I have wisely decided to print at regular size): this $45 deal is only valid from Monday, January 23rd to Monday, January 30th. Additionally, Full Moon is offering reduced prices on the remastered Blu-ray and DVD releases of the first and most recent entries in the Puppet Master franchise.

Happy Monday, kiddies.

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