Tuesday , September 26 2023
Two streaming clips exclusively for our readers

From Us To You: Two Songs From Andrew Belle

The Blogcritics redesign and relaunch celebration continues! Today we have an exclusive treat for our music lovers: two tracks from Andrew Belle's EP, All Those Pretty Lights.

Only 24, Belle has a long, bright future ahead of him. Though his is best known in his native Chicago where he's been tearing up the stage at such local haunts as Rockit Bar, you're probably more familiar with Andrew Belle than you thought. If you missed his show at SXSW, then certainly you heard the single included blow, "I'll be Your Breeze" on the popular CW program 90210. The other MP3 is the title song from the EP.

On his MySpace page, the artist speaks of pop influences, most notably Adam Duritz of Counting Crows, saying, "The first album that I ever bought for myself was the Counting Crow's August and Everything After when I was a sophomore in high school. It had already been out for several years at that point, but I can still remember sneaking it up to my room and listening to it very softly out of the dusty Sony boombox in my bedroom; pouring over every melody and marveling over the lyrical genius in Adam Duritz; thinking, 'maybe I can do this someday?'."

All Those Pretty Lights is five tracks of melodic and hook ridden pop music and is now available at iTunes and many other online outlets. Before you run out and make that purchase, however, take advantage of the preview below.

"All Those Pretty Lights"

"I'll be Your Breeze"

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