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From the Blogcritics Vault: Interview With a Cal Recall Candidate

Was the California recall election that deposed Gray Davis and put Arnold Schwarzenegger in the governor’s seat really only two years ago? I sort of mix up the election, Arnold’s movies, and the menagerie of candidates from Gary Coleman to porn star Mary Carey, to now-blogger Arianna Huffington.

RJ conducted a classic, if unorthodox interview with candidate William Tsangares on August 19, 2003:

William Tsangares is a 42-year old Republican from Los Angeles. He has a BA in Liberal Studies (which also happens to be my major…) and works as a self-employed graphic artist. He was kind enough to answer some questions via e-mail.

1 – What prompted you to run for Governor of California?


2 – Gray Davis…? What are your thoughts on the man?

Reluctant supporter

3 – Your state has a massive budget deficit. How would you, if elected, deal
with it? Raise more revenue via taxes/fees? Cut spending? Or a combo of the

Taxpaying should be fun. Spending should be based on your current income.

4 – Should pot/weed/marijuana be legalized, decriminalized, or kept illegal?

Legalize Marijuana

5 – How does it feel to be running against the Lt. Governor, a “smut peddler,” a porn star, and “The Terminator”?

The whole process is like looting the government.

6 – How did you go about qualifying for the ballot? Where did the signatures/cash come from?

My cash and I solicitated signatures from around the state, from Marin to Orange County.

7 – Who was worse? Hitler, Mao, or Stalin?

Worse or most effective? I would say Mao was the most successful but Hitler dominates public TV. Stalin just falls between the cracks.

8 – President Bush: Semi-literate moronic alcoholic who lucked his way into the Presidency, or wonderful human being and honorable Commander-in-Chief?

President Bush proves that we can be ripped-off while the public is awake.

9 – Fuel cells? Wave of the future, or desperate, pathetic pipe-dream?

Hydrogen fuel cells have recently been proven as a questionable technology;
however, there may be many creative solutions to the world’s energy problems. The problem is implementing enough creative ideas to find a solution before it is too late.

10 – Ms. Huffington: Lunatic with delusions of grandeur, or great person who really cares about the little guy?

She’s climbed into the SUV and is trying to drive herself to Secret-mento.

11 – Should convenience store clerks unionize?

As a prior employee of Seven-Eleven I would say no. It might encourage people to get jobs at these types of businesses that sell products that are slowly killing us. No More Slurpees!

12 – What is less attractive: Fat girl with stretch marks and eating disorder, or thin girl with yellow, uneven teeth?

Thin girl with yellow, uneven teeth

13 – What does “Bustamante” mean in Spanish? “Punch your mother,” or something else?

I thought it meant “tomato paste.”

14 – Age of consent: 18, 16, 21, or 9 months?


15 – Kobe: Drooling rad-dog rapist, or adulterer trapped by mentally-deranged slut-puppy?

Adulterer trapped by mentally-deranged slut-puppy

16 – Phil Hendrie – Genius of Jackball?

Just plain dumb.

17 – Gay Marriage: Constitutional right, or sicko perverts upending a centuries-old bedrock institution of Western society?

Western Society Sucks!

18 – Mexicans: Let ’em all in, or fence in the border like Israel and Gaza?

I thought we were in Mexico already. Every society needs a cheap labor
source to grow.

19 – Ms. Huffington: Completely used-up tramp, or serious political player?

Fancy political cross-dresser.

20 – Mary Carey: Completely used-up tramp, or serious political player?

As serious as Simon.

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