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Friday Femmes Fatales No. 60 (Women Bloggers)

Ten great posts from 10 new (to me) women bloggers. It is here every Friday (more or less.)

A veritable feast for the senses this week…

If you can't just pop into your little corner bistro with checked tablecloths, then Anniina on Mischievous Muse does it for you with a mouthwatering account of dinner in Montpellier, in the Roman baths. (Although I don't think they were full.)

Moving from the taste buds to the olfactory organs, Scentzilla! is a site that consists entirely of perfume reviews. Now as someone who has almost no sense of smell, I'm the wrong person to be pointing you this way, but "Spicy leather, dying embers, approaching storms", combined with a picture, certainly seemed evocative.

Sticking with things of which I know little, Katiedid on Seldom Nice Nowadays has some sharp thoughts on music. But I think she should really say what she thinks, not hold back.

Then, a cautionary tale for parents: Surly Girl on D-Flat Chime Bar encounters , while the author of Mother Hen's Place faces a career dilemma – the old parenting-and-career problem. To separate, or to combine?

On History is Elementary, meanwhile, the teacher reflects on childhood summers past and present.

Turning more overtly political, on The Adventures of Dr. Diana, Diana Blayne has a revelation about the 'sick' ideas of body image being presented to children.

Then on The (liberal) Girl Next Door, an impassioned statement on how Christians are destroying the U.S., while Alicia on Last Left Turn Before Hooterville sets out some graphic economic facts about income distribution in the country.

Finally, mixing history and politics, Jennie W on the American Presidents Blog asks: Who was Woodrow Wilson's Vice President? And does it matter?

If you missed last week’s edition, it is always available here on Blogcritics. (If you’d like to see all of them as a list, click on the category “Friday Femmes Fatales” in the righthand sidebar on Philobiblion. That will take you to a collection of 600 – and counting – women bloggers.)

Please: In the next week if you read, or write, a post by a woman blogger and think “that deserves a wider audience” (particularly someone who doesn’t yet get many hits), drop a comment. It really does make my life easier.

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Natalie blogs at Philobiblon, on books, history and all things feminist. In her public life she's the leader of the Green Party of England and Wales.

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