Saturday , March 2 2024
Carnivorous rabbits, camera-friendly ghosts, under-paid cleaners and some yummy food. It is all here.

Friday Femmes Fatales No 59 (Women Bloggers)

Ten great posts from 10 new (to me) women bloggers. It is here every Friday (more or less…)

It seems to be a particularly international edition this week. I don't know how it happens precisely, but each week seems to find its own identity.

Starting literary, on Sarsaparilla, a new Australian literary blog, Laura has rediscovered a childhood favourite, a book about a carnivorous rabbit. Sounds like nightmares to me.

On Ping Pong Jubilee! an account of running away from home for the first time at the age of 16. It reminds me of being a bit older and finding student living incredibly romantic (in a nonsexual sense). Never actually did it, which was undoubtedly a good job. Probably would have lasted about three days.

Michelle in South Africa on…Seeking Serenity meanwhile has another personal anecdote, a real ghost story. There's a camera involved, too.

More politically, Imshin on Not a Fish, Provincially Speaking (no I don't know, you'll have to ask), is reflecting on the procession of cleaners through her government office. Poor pay, lousy treatment equals filthy toilets, unsurprisingly.

Turning personal, Anglefille (an American in London) describes why she can't find a man in the midst of hundreds of them. Mary Bloomington on Putting the Fist in Pacifist, meanwhile, finds Anti-feminists are just SO ADORABLE sometimes, you could SCREAM. She was responding to the responses to her post on the realities of dating.

Ms Glaze is about to start a job at a very posh restaurant in Paris. But first she's trying out the food as a customer. Staying Parisien, Maitresse reflects on the cows of Paris (and the dogs).

Shauna James is the Gluten-Free Girl. She's on television, and making perfect roast chicken. Don't go there hungry for fear of a Pavlovian reaction.

Finally, something quite different — an online novel, or story collection Adelaid Sprawls, written by ThirdCat of Adelaide Writer. So little in the way of fiction seems to really make use of the multidirectional possibilities of the web.

If you missed last week’s edition, it is on my home blog, Philobiblon.

Please: In the next week, if you read or write a post by a woman blogger and think “that deserves a wider audience” (particularly someone who doesn’t yet get many hits), drop a comment. It really does make my life easier. (Thanks to Penny this week!)

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