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Cartoon controversy, dumb doctors, the joys of Valentine's Day, and why you should be careful about saying you're 'feeling down'.

Friday Femmes Fatales No 44 (Women Bloggers)

Working on the final century of a collection of 500 female bloggers. Where are they? HERE!

(Apologies for missing an edition last week – the over-commitment to various projects got a little out of control. And yes I am a day late this week; will do better!)


First, the post of the week, from Stella on Where the Cornflakes Are. It is an account of her visit to the gynaecologist. Stella uses a wheelchair. So how is that relevant to the gyno? Well you wouldn’t think it was.

But a close runner-up is from The Perorations of Lady Bracknell. The post is setting out her very firm views on grammar. “Should an individual say that he is “feeling down”, he should be aware that what he is actually saying is that he is currently enjoying a somewhat intimate relationship with a duck.”

And for a nuanced, sophisticated view of the still-raging cartoon controversy, on Nzingha’s Soapbox of the moral dilemma in buying butter to bake cookies.

Inevitably there have been quite a few Valentine’s Day posts this week. (Call me unromantic – because I am – but I’ve never got it: what is the point, except to sell lots of ridiculous expensive pieces of cardboard?)

A few women bloggers might be joining me in that view:
* On Turtle’s Page of Joy that “what are you doing?” phone call turns awkward.
* Foto Fox on I am, Therefore I Date, doesn’t believe the ‘why I didn’t call” story
* The Trail Guide on The Organ Trail, meanwhile, has another reason to call it V-day, although she’s got some thoughts on the traditional celebration as well.

But lest I be accused of being a total cynic, I guess I’d better bring you one “good” V-day story, even if one from the past: On Testing the Cultural Divide, an account of “How a Red Commie hooked up with a True-Blue American”.

In the “people abroad” category, Miss Prim, a Scot in the United States, might surprise local readers by finding good things to say about the American education system. (Well at least the higher education sector.) Have to agree with her, as someone who went to university to study science when I definitely should have been in the humanities. Had I started out with a bit of each, it would have been a lot easier to switch.

On Fumbling Towards Geekdom, meanwhile, StyleyGeek is wondering if anyone is actually born in the Australian town where she is now living, giving the stock set of “meet and greet” questions. (I reckon I could narrow it to at least a state, having spent some time in various Australian backblocks, but given the interests of pseudonymousness, I won’t.)

Then, finally, the writer’s/blogger’s dilemma. A Wandering Woman on People Become Stories muses on how how to define work if you are an artist.


You can find the last edition of Femmes Fatales here.

Nominations (including self-nominations) for Femmes Fatales are also hugely welcome – I’ll probably get to you eventually anyway, but why not hurry along the process?
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