Tuesday , May 21 2024
Women bloggers drumming, ranting, reflecting, raving and revelling.

Friday Femmes Fatales No 38 (Women Bloggers)

Ten new (to me) female bloggers, ten top posts, on my way to 400. It answers the question: where are all the female bloggers?

To start on an inspirational note for the new year, Kirsten on InHer City provides an account of a Young Women Drumming Empowerment Project. Come to think of it, why is it that drummers in commercial music always seem to be male? (Answering my own question, because, it seems, women are usually only allowed to be singers and dancers.)

Then, turning to another form of invisibility, Green Whale on I Am My Own Country reflects on the obliteration of women that is full purdah.

Being explicitly political, Wendy’s Thoughts turns towards the upcoming Canadian election. Get out and vote is her message, since “just like with pennies, if everyone drops one into a bucket eventually a dollar will be made”.

Rabfish on Brown Rab Girl Fish enjoys cross-cultural discussions with taxi drivers. (Making me wish my language skills were better.)

Laura on Derivative Work reports on some surprising figures for the British Medical Journal. Most of its referrals are coming from Google and Google Scholar, rather than medical sites. (There’s also an interesting case of “diagnosis by Google Scholar”.)

Also on the practical side, Melly on All Kinds of Writing offers advice on keeping track of your writing submissions.

Then turning creative, an all-haiku blog, appropriately called The Little Things. Here Kimberly is reflecting on winter, and summer. Very effective – even if poetry isn’t usually your thing.

On Tuckergurl, a rave recommendation for an independent film, Down to the Bone. “What a real, complicated, compelling protagonist. Finally a great woman’s role!”

I was almost going to ban the C word this week on the ground of humanity’s general exhaustion with the whole concept, but I couldn’t resist Divinebee’s account on Accidental Mother. Those in northern climes might be surprised to know that Christmas on the beach is no picnic.

And finally, anyone thinking of having a child might want to read post by Crazy Rockin’ Foxy Mama on ChunkyRhino, about a day of shit – literally. Those who already recognise the experience might want to go over and commiserate.


You can find the last edition of Femmes Fatales here.

Nominations (including self-nominations) for Femmes Fatales are also hugely welcome – I’ll probably get to you eventually anyway, but why not hurry along the process?

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