Friday , April 19 2024
All of blog life is here, from the sadness of the Amman bombings, to the vivid realities of pregnancy.

Friday Femmes Fatales No 31 (Women Bloggers)

Welcome to the start of my next century of women bloggers – a weekly collection of “top ten” posts. You might notice this is being delivered on a Saturday. Sorry about that, but last night was my farewell party from work, so I was tied up elsewhere. (And this morning comments are as usual welcome, but _quietly_ please!)

In other news, don’t forget the Feminist Carnival No 3 will be on Sour Duck next Wednesday. The call for nominations is here.

So to begin …

I have to start this week with a post by a Jordanian blogger, Natasha, who has a simple message arising from the Amman bombings Burn in hell Zarqawi! (As I wrote earlier in the week, I have fond memories of Jordan, so was particularly struck by the atrocity.)

Redneck Woman, who’s “raising children, lettuce and hell in Texas”, has an important post about the need to be honest about the realities of pregnancy. This is active service folks, she warns.

Still on the family side, on Pause, Jory des Jardins talks with heartfelt honesty about her father.

Then in business, Antonelle Pavese is writing about Alice’s Corporate Wonderland. You just can’t pretend the “woman question” isn’t there.

Pants that Fit wants to know what readers think about wearing an inherited fur. Even if you’re opposed to fur in principle, if the animal died before you were born, what is wrong with it?

Renaissance Woman has a wonderful post musing on the death of her hamster, including haikus for him to read in his next life. (Not perhaps for the overly sensitive.) But there’s nothing to upset anyone (although it is quite bandwidth heavy) in Music and Cat’s Friday catnap.

Cooking with Amy has a recipe for pozole that holds emotional memories. She also muses on the odd idea of hoarding recipes rather than sharing.

The Singaporean Clapbangkiss defends herself against newspaper accusations of being a ‘poor little rich girl’ (and sets out how her mother has provided for her family. (There’s an explanation of the furore in which she has become entangled here.)

Average Jane, meanwhile, has two songs, and a novel to write. For a weekend, one out of two isn’t bad.

You can find the last edition of Femmes Fatales here.

Nominations (including self-nominations) for Femmes Fatales are also hugely welcome – I’ll probably get to you eventually anyway, but why not hurry along the process?

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