Thursday , June 20 2024
Where are all the female bloggers? Here, in my weekly "top ten" posts.

Friday Femmes Fatales No 30 (Women Bloggers)

Where are all the female bloggers? Here, in my weekly “top ten” posts.

And here, this week I make it to … yee – ha … a collection of 300 female bloggers. You can follow them back week by week.

And if you haven’t checked it out yet, don’t forget the second Carnival of Feminists is up on Personal Political Now. (And the next will be on Sour Duck on November 16 – email nominations to duck.sour (at) gmail (dot) com. )

So to begin …

On the US politics front, DC Media Girl researches the Democrat behind the closed session of the US Senate that had Republicans hopping mad, while Natalie Davis on All Facts and Opinion reports on a plan for a Stand Down Day aimed against the war in Iraq.

On Mental Meanderings, the discussion of a (possibly) polygamous judge leads to wider questions about societal good and religious practices, while I read with interest on Pam’s House Blend that Denver has, at least symbolically, legalised marijuana. Nice to know there are occasional signs of sanity in US politics.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Suki Has An Opinion reports on how there’s a heightened terrorist threat, just as the government is trying to get its repressive terror law through . Did John Howard perhaps study the Blair “tanks at Heathrow” approach, or has anyone, just maybe, thought that if by chance this were a real threat, it shows al-Qa’ida WANTS repressive legislation to go through. All it would take is a few anonymous emails with the right key words …

The Daily Headache offers solid, regular medical news on, yes you guessed it , headaches, but also muses on the importance of a good doctor. Then a real headache, Daneeta on Metroblogging London considers an agony aunt has got her advice horribly wrong.

I have to sympathise with Blue Earth Notes’s problem: when you’re cycling it seems you’ve always got a headwind – even if you are going the opposite direction to that of five minutes ago. Yes I know it is not physically possible, but it seems that way. Meanwhile Helen, the Blogger on the Cast Iron Balcony, is contemplating a PPP – a post-petrol world. Just imagine all of those multi-lane roads for bicycles.

Desperate to be a Housewife, meanwhile, finds a dastardly conspiracy – jeans that shrink around the waist – even after two years – know the feeling.


You can find the last edition of Femmes Fatales here.


Nominations (including self-nominations) for Femmes Fatales are also hugely welcome – I’ll probably get to you eventually anyway, but why not hurry along the process?

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