Monday , April 15 2024
Where are all the female bloggers? Here, in my weekly "top ten" posts.

Friday femmes fatales No 23

Where are all the female bloggers? Here, in my weekly “top ten” posts.

After a fortnight of returning to old stamping grounds, this week I’m recommencing the collection of new female bloggers, on my way to an nice even number of 300.


A Little Pregnant, who was obviously rather more than that, offers personal reflection and family accounts of Katrina, while in the other big US news of the week,”Pissed-off Patricia” on Blondesense has a pithy selection of questions for Judge Roberts.

Back in the UK, Gendergeek is angered by a spurious connection being made feminism and paedophilia.

Jenny D. on Back Talk asks some of the big questions: Can you teach? How do you know? Still in schools, on The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, you-can-guess-who asks if kids should be punished for their parents.

On the artistic side, Sweet Jane on Parisist is getting away from the grey of a Paris autumn with a spectacular art installation. (Even if you can’t read the French, check out the pics.) Jeanne on Body and Soul discusses the – rather odd when you think about it – idea of turning blogs into books.

Open Brackets, meanwhile, has come up with some useful new words, including Grouptard: [user] group + retard: The maddening and ever-present fool who apparently always populates otherwise lovely user groups.

On the personal side, Sara Lynn on the beautifully named Yeah, But Houdini Didn’t Have These Hips reports on how not to have a birthday. Belle in the Big Apple, meanwhile, is waying the choices and compromises of city life versus the Southern Boy. (Don’t tie yourself down, I’d say.)

Last week’s edition is here.

Remember nominations are hugely welcome – I’ll probably get to you eventually anyway, but why not hurry along the process?


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