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Where are all the female bloggers? Here, in my weekly top ten posts.

Friday femmes fatales No 19

Where are all the female bloggers? Here, in my weekly top ten posts.

On Bane’s Desmene, the author is musing on the ways in which being a girl is a pain, while Academic Coach warns us to watch out for a deluge of supposedly women-friendly websites.

La Lecturess is musing on the value of academic gossip, while Sarsparilla is listening to the sounds of holiday life.

Pretty hard dammit is finishing her thesis – I think many of us can sympathise with that. In this post she goes back to its origins, an upsetting discovery made when she was still in high school. (To think it has taken me 40 years to even know what subject I might want to do a thesis on.)

Badgerings is remembering the ‘theatrical strange-making’ of an Alice Cooper concert. (And if you think life is tough for you at the moment, read her introductory post, and weep, and be glad if you live in a place with proper access to healthcare.)

Still on the health side, Code Blog: Tales of a Nurse, has an ambiguous story from inside a modern ICU unit.

On Sisters Talk, a mother wrestles with the issues of ADHD, particularly medication, while Geeky Mom is considering whether compulsion in education, at least for women in maths and science, wouldn’t be a bad idea.

And if that all seems a bit serious, visit Girl with a One-Track Mind for a post in which she gives a man with a one-track mind a lesson in chatting-up etiquette. (Not, perhaps, a suitable-for-work blog.)


Here’s No 18 if you missed it.


Please, if you’re impressed by something by a female blogger in the next week – particularly by someone who doesn’t yet get a lot of traffic – tell me about it, in the comments here, or by email. Remember, I’m going for a list of 200 different female bloggers.

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