Saturday , February 24 2024
Lone Star gets the axe from Fox. Lie to Me in to pinch hit.

Fox Network Cancels Lone Star After Two Episodes

After just two outings Fox Network has cancelled Lone Star, bringing Lie to Me back on the air beginning next Monday night (following House, M.D.) to premiere its third season.

Twitter is abuzz with the news, and it’s an interesting development since of all the networks, Fox (ironically somehow) has been the network to let good, but underperforming, shows build an audience. 

True, the show didn’t do well, even with the power-House lead in. But Monday night is a pretty tough night on which to compete for viewers. Was the decision simply number-crunching or was a show featuring a bigamist hero (and a conman at that) too “out there” for the network? 

I have only one question for Fox: why not flip-flop Lie to Me and House? House would play much better (and make much more sense) in the network’s 9:00 ET slot, especially now that House is involved in a very adult relationship with boss Lisa Cuddy. So waddya say, Fox Execs? Who here agrees with me?

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