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Enjoy the Natural Hawaiian Island Flavor in your Home Today

Food Review: Hawaiian Kettle Style Chips

Summer is a time for family outings, parties and having the friends and family over for many occasions, all of them including snacks. I like to have crunchy snacks around to keep the guests happy until the BBQ is done, and I have found a new treat I would like to share with you.

Hawaiian Kettle Style Chips by Pinnacle Foods have fabulous and uniquely satisfying taste that is sure to please the most ardent snack fan. The chips are not paper thin but thick and crisp, not oily but full of the natural rich potato flavor with just a hint of salt. I tried four of the varieties of chips they make.

The Original Flavor is naturally sweet and bold in its simplicity, great for eating plain or with your favorite dip. I like onion dip or plain sour cream, but I think any of your choices would be just as great.

The Sweet Maui Onion has a snappy taste, not too strong on the onion, but it has a “caramelized” onion flavor that brings out a natural tone and texture that does not need any dip or sauces to make it taste better.

The Luau BBQ flavored chips are a spicy treat that, unlike other BBQ flavored chips is refreshing and not too heavy on the tongue. It has a delightful zest, a peppery after taste that lingers just long enough for you to reach for another chip.

Finally, The Wasabi Flavored Chips, with a deep tongue curling heat, performs a taste buds “self-cleaning.” Have a glass of water or your favorite beverage ready, you will need it. If you like spicy hot foods, this is it, I loved it!

Any of these varieties would be great to eat with your favorite BBQ meal, after game party platter or alone on an afternoon watching the tube.

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