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Fischerspooner’s “Excellent Workshop”

Fischerspooner are at the forefront of the “electroclash” movement, if in fact it is a movement. You can experience some of their musical retro-futuro synth-pop for yourself here. I am burbling down the frothy analog stream that is “The 15th” as we speak. Now “Emerge” is blurping and scurrying around the bend where Tomita and the Thrill Kill Kult glare at each other from opposite banks.

You can experience FS face to face on Thursdays in Brooklyn starting tonight: it’s free, open to the public and if it were Brooklyn, Ohio, I would certainly drop by:

    Art/pop duo Fischerspooner and Deitch Projects are pleased to announce the public opening of “Excellent Workshop,” a series of evening Salons held at the FS studio space at 110 North First Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn every Thursday from 7-11 pm. The Salons began in July as private events for friends and collaborators of the group, but now opens to all comers for the remaining six weeks of the series.

    FS will also host a special latenight edition of the Salon series on October 13th to coincide with the CMJ Music Marathon . The Salon reveals the work that will form the basis of inspiration for Fischerspooner’s pending new album, and will preview new tracks for the first time.

    This Salon project was created to encourage participation and experimentation in the creative process that surrounds Fischerspooner, and has been a breeding ground of ideas and references for their new bodies of work in music and art.

    By drawing a shifting and expanding group of people to the space every week, the “Excellent Workshop” project aims to explore ideas of art in community and the development of creative partnerships across all artistic media.

    Each gathering has showcased the work of a range of artists involved in Fischerspooner’s creative world and has spanned dance, performance, music, photography, painting and installation. Much of this new work has remained in the space, accumulating as the season progresses and currently includes inspirations for music from their upcoming second album and the aesthetic informing the art direction of the new record.

    Fischerspooner began as a two-person, low-fi electro-pop performance at a Starbucks coffee shop in downtown NYC. In the years that have followed, Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner have expanded the project into an international pop culture phenomenon, incorporating the various talents of dancers, singers, filmmakers, and fashion, lighting and set-designers.

    Capitol Records will release Fischerspooner’s second album in early 2005.

But you can get a head start.

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