Thursday , February 29 2024
The war on guns is becoming even more ridiculous!

Federal Agents Raid FPS Russia Star’s Home: Seriously?

It’s no secret that firearms are a hot topic nowadays. However, some people are taking this ridiculousness to new levels. It seems like there’s this new-found paranoia about firearms by the liberal elite in Washington, D.C. that is starting to trickle down to the mere mortals of the middle class.According to recent reports, Kyle Myers is one of these mere mortals.

For those of you who don’t know, Kyle Myers’ residence and his father’s farm were recently raided by more than forty law enforcement agents on suspicion of illegal activity in connection with his usage of high-powered rifles, explosives, and other forms of weaponry when he embraces his alter ego, Dmitri Popatoff, on the popular YouTube series, FPS Russia. Despite its being the tenth-highest ranked program on YouTube, Kyle Myers has been under investigation for violating federal law by using such explosives and for the suspicion of manufacturing explosives

In multiple pieces, ATF spokesman Richard Coes made a pretty obvious point by stating, “The claim is that [Myers] was using explosives and getting paid for it via YouTube.” I have a pretty obvious response to this: no shit, Sherlock. Yes, he does get paid. In fact, he’s probably living every red-blooded American male’s dream: getting paid to blow stuff up and shoot random targets. In Hollywood, they use explosives and guns all the time in movies and make it look totally unrealistic. So, is someone who shows how guns are really used that different? If anything, he is helping society, not hindering it! I personally know people who collect guns the way others collect coins or stamps. While I have no idea how they afford it, guns are simply an item that can be bought and sold just like anything else. I understand that it is incredibly important to have the necessary qualifications and permits when it comes to manufacturing both weapons and explosives, and that their use is subject to enforcement by federal agents, as well as local and state law enforcement; that’s common sense! However, considering that everyone involved in the investigation left empty-handed, I feel that it’s pretty safe to assume that this wasn’t the case. While I’m not a federal agent, I would imagine that common sense would say that using a very public “business”, such as FPS Russia, would be a bad front when it came to making and selling illegal guns and explosives. Wouldn’t you agree?>.However, if you buy legally made weapons and your goal is to educate and entertain the public about how to use guns properly and how guns are in real life (as opposed to on Call of Duty and in movies), then, that seems like more of a public service to me. Yes, he has blown up cars, refrigerators, and toilets on his YouTube show but, I don’t see anything malicious about that. However, if he were killing humans or animals, I could see a problem. But, he performs all of his demonstrations in a closed, secure environment. None of his videos seem offensive; he doesn’t use coarse or derogatory language nor does he demonstrate violence in his videos. He simply shows how firearms and explosives are used.When there are drug cartels, street gangs, and other illegal groups that run drugs, do you really think that someone like FPS Russia should be the subject of such a ludicrous investigation?

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