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Fearless Faerie

Chicago recording artist Emilie Autumn is making her new album available without restriction in “high quality MP3 format” – she is fearless indeed. Of course the 22 year-old violinist/”fantasy rocker” also believes in faeries.

This from her press release:

    Traitor Records recording artist Emilie Autumn has released her long-awaited album, “Enchant,” for free online download, a full six weeks ahead of the scheduled sale release date of February 26th. The album will remain online for an unlimited time period at Autumn is not worried that she will lose sales due to the giveaway.

    “My fans are real music lovers, and real music lovers will buy the real album, even if they already have a burned copy,” she states. “They’re smart enough to know that the sound quality of downloads don’t compare to the real thing, and they want the artwork, the whole package. I believe that if someone doesn’t go on to purchase the album come February 26th, then they most likely weren’t going to anyway.”

    With a variety of alt-rock singles, EPs, and a classical violin album already under her metal-spiked belt, “Enchant” is the project both Autumn and her fans have been waiting for. Written in the style she calls “fantasy rock,” the new album contains fourteen original songs ranging from harpsichord ballads and electric violin shredding displays to a reoccurring haunted music box and even a tango. But the music isn’t the only thing that makes “Enchant” unique. Buyers of the hard copy on February 26th will find that the album’s liner notes, together with the recorded songs, contain a musical treasure hunt known as the “Enchant Puzzle.”

    Designed by Autumn who sites Kit Williams’ classic puzzle “Masquerade” as her inspiration, the game is won when someone discovers the key to the mythic Faerie Queene’s treasures, which include a giant pair of crystal-encrusted wings among other items. Those with a net connection are encouraged to download, burn, and share the album from January 14th on, but the games will not begin until the official release date, as a hard copy of the album is needed to participate.

    About Emilie Autumn: Autumn is the founder and president of the Chicago-based independent label, Traitor Records. The 23-year-old classical violinist-turned-rock singer has a history of giving music away for free. In the summer of 2002, she released her entire recorded catalog for free online download to internet radio webcasters, hoping to offer them a “non-RIAA” alternative. A multi-talented instrumentalist, Autumn began playing the violin at age four, and went on to build bridges between musical genres from Renaissance to rock. She not only wrote and produced her new release, but also played nearly every instrument on the recording, making it her most personal effort to date.

    Upcoming Tour Dates:
    February 26th, 2003
    “Enchant” CD Release Party
    Vision Nightclub
    Chicago, IL
    10:00 P.M.

Rock on Faerie Queen. I think she is exactly right: if people like her music and are interested in her as an artist, they will buy the CD for the convenience, the higher sound quality and for the package. I’ve said numerous times that I don’t download – at least not yet – because I want the whole package, the credits, the art, the liner notes. I want to hold it in my hand.

So check out Emilie’s music: if you like it, buy it. This artist has staked her future on trust – do your part – and go see her live on the 26th in Chicago.

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