Saturday , June 15 2024
Lynette Yetter presents "Lucy Plays Panpipes for Peace, a novel," author tour done by bicycle (and public transit).

Fat Old Lady Bicycles West Coast Book Tour to Inspire You to Live Your Dreams

Wow. It looks like I may be the first author to do her book tour by bicycle (with help from public transit). In the DIY spirit of simplifying life, starting October 7, I am pedaling “Lucy Plays Panpipes for Peace, a novel” from Vancouver, BC, Canada to Southern California in order to inspire people to live their dreams. The calendar of appearances is on

Musicians have also been Going Green and bicycling across the country. In 2006 the Ditty Bops bicycled their tour. Rocker Attica! Attica! did his Ditch the Van Bike Tour for Charity in 2009. Now Ben Sollee has strapped his cello to his bicycle and is pedaling from gig to gig.  He has a sponsor to help video and promote his work. That’s great!

Anyone want to sponsor me?

Living our dreams can be scary business.

Sometimes I get nervous and even freeze in fear at what I am attempting. After all, I’m not a young rocker or a young cellist guy. I am a lone woman over 50 years old and fat. Maybe even obese (isn’t that an ugly word?). But, hey, I already have followed the sound of the panpipes to the Andes, seeking the ideal society of which they sing, and wrote a novel about it. There were lots of scary moments in that journey, too. Don’t believe me? Just check out the Warrior Town chapter of Lucy Plays Panpipes for Peace.

When I freeze, I just make myself do something — like Daisaku Ikeda says — and take action. I answer the next email confirming a gig, pack the next box, chant nam myoho renge kyo and the fear passes. And then enthusiasm builds.

From South America I fly into San Francisco, in order to visit friends, pick up my bicycle and attend the 50-year anniversary celebration of SGI Buddhist leader Daisaku Ikeda’s first visit to the Americas. Then I pedal to the Amtrak station, try out my new toolkit to disassemble my bike and put it in a box as I board the train to Vancouver for the October 7 presentation at Simon Fraser University, then on to Seattle, Oregon, and California.

Part of living simply, for me, is to not buy more stuff than I need. So, I am not buying panniers for my bicycle, or a bike trailer or anything like that. I will bungee cord my old backpack onto the rack and pedal to the next venue, carrying all my gear, books and musical instruments to present “Lucy Plays Panpipes for Peace, a novel” to inspire people to live their dreams. I hope to see you soon at one of the events! The calendar is constantly being updated on

About Lynette Yetter

Lynette Yetter is the author of the books "72 Money Saving Tips for the 99%" and "Lucy Plays Panpipes for Peace, a novel." Lynette is a permanent resident of Bolivia and a graduate student in the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies Program at Reed College.

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