Sunday , May 19 2024
Faison is back and so is General Hospital BABY!!

Faison and General Hospital Are Back Baby!



Ever since Ian Buchanan reprised the role of Duke Lavery there has been a heated debate as to what the powers that be had in mind. Duke and Anna fans rejoiced seeing their favorite couple reunited and all appeared to be on the up and up. However, as the weeks went by old time fans were not happy with the way Duke was acting, citing he would NEVER do or act the way he had been written. Many theories were thrown around including being brainwashed while in the Turkish prison he claimed to be in for the last 20+ years, his personality changed completely OR it had to be someone else posing as Duke Lavery. Executive Producer Frank Valentini had indicated in an interview this was ‘the real’ Duke…hence the heated discussions.

Thursday Ron Carlivati tweeted Friday’s episode was not to be missed as all would be revealed! Friday fans were at the edge of their seats as the episode unfolded and twitter exploded in a frenzy when they saw ‘Duke Lavery’ peel off his face in true Scooby Doo form! All of us groaned, upset we’d have to wait through the weekend to find out! I received numerous tweets and most agreed it HAD to be Faison!



In another exciting episode, today it was revealed the madman behind the mask was indeed Cesar Faison himself! Rumors had been going around for months that executives were working on getting Anders Hove back on our screens and wow what a comeback! Long time General Hospital fans were thrilled, new fans are enthralled and I think it’s safe to say General Hospital has pulled off the impossible…brought it back to the days of old!

Faison hovered over Robin as she tried to convince him to let her go back to her family. She tried to reason with the madman to no avail! He refused to let her go and as sick as always, believes he can continue his charade with Anna, who believes he is Duke. The show ended when it was also revealed Faison is holding the REAL DUKE LAVERY!!!!

How will he and Robin get out of this mess?? Time will tell, but until then hold on tight…it’s going to be one hell of a fun ride!

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