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I wonder what the homicidal fantasies will sound like on the next record...

Eminem Files for Divorce from Kim Mathers…Again

It is so true: sequels are never as good as the original.

Eminem should have known better. Less than three months after re-marrying his ex-wife, Eminem has filed for divorce citing (wait for it) irreconcilable differences according to the AP.

Who didn’t see this coming?

Eminem (a.k.a. Marshall Mathers) and Kim Mathers divorced after two years of marriage in 2001. The divorce was acrimonious (as most divorces tend to be) and involved a nasty custody battle over the couple’s daughter.

Eminem and Kim announced they were back together as a couple in late 2004/early 2005 and were re-married this past January.

In between the divorce and reunification, Eminem sold millions of records and was the hottest name in the hip-hop world.

Divorces are not uncommon in America and are even more common in the entertainment world. Many artists have written records about their divorces and breakups. How many “I want you back” songs have been hits (and misses) in popular music history? While I find Eminem to be a boring dolt, I have to give him credit. He went about wooing his ex-wife in a unique way. Where some artists fill their albums with songs pining for their former lover, Eminem made millions with songs about killing his ex-wife in some sort of revenge fantasy.

There might not be enough data to make a formal finding but I think it is safe to surmise writing songs plotting your ex’s death is not an aphrodisiac nor the seeds of a stable reconciliation.

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